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Three priceless things that energize me on a tiresome day

Three priceless things that energize me on a tiresome day

Dear readers, I hope life, in general, is going well in whichever part of the world you are reading it from. I am going to take on the task of solo parenting from today onwards for the next ten days. The man of the house is going to his home town for the festivities and I have decided to stay back with two kids. sometimes, I get jealous of his work-from-home setup while I have to plan my office hours and house chores quite meticulously.

Well, moving on from my life update here is something I am quite proud of: Two posts in two days, I deserve a pat on my back. With two young kids and a full-time job, this felt like a hurricane task. Let’s not delve into celebrating this moment more and finish writing the post before my younger one wakes up from his afternoon nap.

Three priceless things that energize me on a tiresome day

Colors of the sky

The sky speaks in a thousand colors.

I am obsessed with watching skies of different shades. I do not know how to explain the calm I feel and painting these on a piece of paper is my favorite part of the day. After a tiring day in the office or when the “human touch” tends to get a bit too overwhelming with two young kids at home, for me, the skies come to my rescue. There is something about this creation of nature which never ceases to amaze me.

There are no borders in space, time, or gravity; beyond this planet of ours, there is a huge space of experiences unopened and unrevealed. Every passing second brings a new shade, a new burst of radiance, painting the sky with strokes of colors. Sometimes I wonder if the universe itself is putting on a dazzling show just for me, a radiant reminder that life is full of awe-inspiring moments that can light up even the darkest corners of our hearts

“The sky is the part of creation in which nature has done for the sake of pleasing man.” – John Ruskin

Magic of genuine smiles, giggles, and hugs

Out here, smiling away…

A genuine smile from a friend or a loved one, a tiny but powerful gesture that instantly lifts the weight off my shoulders and infuses me with warmth. Their unwavering support and the connection we share remind me that I’m not alone in this journey. The giggle storm I receive the moment I step into the house after office hours is as priceless as it can get. Kids and their innocence bring the best hugs to all of us around them.

The power of a smile lies in its ability to transcend words. It’s a universal language that communicates understanding, empathy, and the knowledge that someone cares.

A hot cup of ginger tea

“No matter where you are in the world, you are at home when tea is served.” – Earlene Grey

I know tea isn’t for everyone but for people like me, it indeed feels like a cozy warm hug after a long tiring day. When you take a sip, it’s like a little party in your mouth – the spicy ginger mixes with the soothing flavors. It’s not just a drink; it’s like a soothing routine, a remedy for feeling better.

The world of tea is vast and diverse. From classic black tea to delicate green tea, herbal infusions, and exotic blends, there’s a tea for every taste and mood. For me, ginger tea trumps it all.

This is the second post for the Blogchatter Half Marathon 2023

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