Health Care While You Are Pregnant

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Taking care of your body is important especially during pregnancy. More than the act of acquiring a healthy lifestyle and choosing the right kind of foods for you and your baby, this also includes finding the perfect products that suit your needs.

Most of us are aware that pregnancy could be somewhat painful and this is due to the growing baby inside. The body keeps on adjusting and tend to release hormones that may or may not be beneficial for women. So, it is important that we know how to help ourselves and what to do when the excruciating pain strikes you.

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What Causes the Pain?

One of the most common hormones is called relaxin which causes the joints to become loose and painful. Out of nowhere you might be feeling hurt in your lower back to your tailbone. Likewise, there is what they call round ligament pain which is common during the second trimester.

According to some research, such pain during pregnancy can be disabling. Thus, it has an impact on every pregnant mom’s productivity and overall comfort. As if carrying a baby isn’t enough, you could feel a sharp pain either below the belly, on the pelvic area or on your front hip because of the pressure and the extra weight.

Your ligaments are supposed to support the baby inside but they also need some support too! Aside from the usual exercises and other methods to relieve the pain, the use of stabilization belts or belly bands should be included on your list of must-haves.

How It Helps

The pain will definitely worth it as soon as you finally get to hold your precious baby. However, it can be sometimes unbearable to deal with. Fortunately, belly bands are here to save the day.

It comes in various brands and types and has plenty of benefits for moms like you. They help in stabilizing the joint and reduce discomfort and pain. However, not all belly bands are the same. Using the right belly band will also help you relieve the pressure while supporting your lower back.

Other benefits include;

  • Provides gentle compression to support the uterus.
  • Most of the belly bands today can be worn under the clothing and have seamless look.
  • Allows pregnant moms to move without discomfort especially during a physical activity.
  • Belly bands also give external cues to promote proper posture while preventing overextension of the lower back.
  • It helps prevent pregnant moms to have that sway back appearance due to the additional weight carried in their front.
  • Using one will also enable you to engage in exercise while pregnant or to participate in daily activities.
  • The belly band will also serve as external support to promote abdominal muscle control. It is a stabilizer and aids in coordinating the pelvic muscles

Who said belly bands are only for pregnant moms? You can use it even after that. Usually, there is a decline in core strength weeks after a woman gives birth. This is because their muscles were strained and stretched for the last nine months. It will take time for the body to completely heal.

Thus, we highly suggest using this product so you can take care of your newborn baby and yourself at the same time. There are postpartum belly bands that offer additional support as you are dealing with sleepless nights and challenging days.

Likewise, wearing a belly band is beneficial to those who have diastasis recti or have separated abdominal muscles. The band may help assist in closing the gap together with specific exercises.

Take Note of These Reminders

Remember that too much compression, on the other hand, can cause circulation problems and may have adverse effects on you and your baby. It may also lead to indigestion and heartburn so make sure that your belly band is not too tight. You can wear it every day but only for 3 hours at a time so you will not result in over dependency. It will also help if you combine wearing it with the right exercises to improve your body and posture.

Likewise, it is better to consult the doctor first before using compression garments like a belly band so we are on the safe side. It is only for temporary use and should not be your permanent fix.

Get Yours Now

If you are pregnant or just recently give birth, a belly band should be one of your precious items. We love that this simple product offers a myriad of benefits and can be worn during and after pregnancy. Moreover, follow the manufacturers’ instructions as well as the doctor’s advice before using any product. A belly band could be all you need. By simply wearing this piece of cloth, you might be able to feel relieved.

Guest post by Sabrina Lily. 

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