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How To Make Sure Kid’s Safety During Road Tips – Our Travel Experience During Pandemic

How To Make Sure Kid’s Safety During Road Tips – Our Travel Experience During Pandemic

How To Make Sure Kid's Safety During Road Tips

Hello readers, hope you all are doing well and staying safe by following all the rules during these times. We have been locked in our houses from the past five months and finding ways to keep our four-year-old engaged (it is a task, phew!) is taking a toll on this mommy. It will take time for us to get comfortable with the “New Normal”. Well, this post is about our first Road Trip this year while we are still fighting a global pandemic.

Every year we travel to our parent’s place at least thrice a year however, this year everything changed. We had been missing our parents and being stuck in the house was making things worse. After much back and forth and gazillions doubts later, we decided to visit our parents who stay approx. 500 km away from us. We decided to travel in our own car instead of public convenience, given the current situation. I would be lying if I say that I wasn’t worried but happiness and excitement of meeting parents took over that part.

We all know that a road trip with a kid needs preparation for months and I am that mother who is always paranoid. Here are a few of my tried and tested tips, hope it helps you all as well:

 1) Sanitizers, masks, disinfectant sprays

Hygiene is something that we should never compromise on. During a road trip make sure that you have enough quantity available to last the whole trip. Keep small bottles handy but make sure to keep it away from the reach of your little one. If there is one thing this pandemic has taught us then it is to never take hygiene lightly. Don’t open your car windows without masks when you stop to pay toll tax. Always carry disinfectant if you have to use washrooms on the trip. Wash your hands with soap and carry liquid soap sachets.

2) Minimize your breaks during road trips 

We managed to complete a 500 km journey with just one break in between. Try to keep your water intake low for those few hours and have enough eatables with you to avoid breaks. Traveling with a kid comes with its own kind of challenges for example: keeping them occupied during those travel hours. Keep coloring kit, drawing sheets, and a few of their toys for pretend play.

3) Home-cooked meals only

It has been five months since we stopped ordering food from outside and to my utter surprise, I am still enjoying cooking. For the trip, we took ample food and snacks which I prepared a night before to avoid buying food from outside. Packaged snacks like chocolates or chips, we bought a night before and then left it overnight after spraying disinfectant on it. Make sure to pack food in leak-free containers and keep them properly in a bag. Keep a few small plates and sippers/glasses to avoid a mess in your car.

Road trip
4) All Documents/Pass and Insurance

This is one of the most important preparations that need extra attention. During these times we need passes or permits to travel to different cities. Ask, research, and understand what all documents would be required for the road trip. Check all the documents in advance and keep it all in one place. Get in touch with lawyers and experts to know which insurance will suit better during these times. You can connect with car and truck accident lawyers to know the details in depth.

5) Be Vigilant, not paranoid

This was meant for moms like me :). I understand we are often worried about “what if’s” but we have to take baby steps towards the “New Normal”. Keep a song playlist ready to pep-up your mood and don’t let these times dull your happiness. Meeting my parents made me so happy that my worries vanished.

Hope this post will help you to be better prepared whenever you plan to take your next road trip. 🙂

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post however, all reviews and opinions expressed in this post are based on my personal views.

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