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Here Is My Haircare Regime During Weather Change For A Healthy Hair Growth

Here Is My Haircare Regime During Weather Change For A Healthy Hair Growth

Dear readers, hope you all are staying safe and still following the required hygiene measures to keep the virus away.

For the last three decades of my life, I have struggled with keeping my hair healthy during every weather change. I had wavy hair (or I thought so) and took care of it accordingly until a social media app made me realize that my hair is actually curly. Yes, you got that right, giving into the trend going on a social media app, I washed my hair with shampoo and conditioner meant specifically for curly hair. I applied hair serum thereafter and the result was might blowing.

This happened a couple of years ago and since then, I have joined many online groups to understand my hair quality better. I have also tried a lot of brands that promised to help in maintaining the true texture of my hair. Many didn’t suit my hair, however, a couple of months ago on a recommendation of a fellow curly hair blogger I tried products from a brand called Anveya curls hair care combo”.

This post includes my experience with these products and few tips that have worked well for my hair in the past. Let’s begin by understanding that we can’t find a solution to the problem unless we find the root of the trouble.

Know the reason for your hair-trouble

  • It is important to know the reason behind all your hair troubles. From weather change to unhealthy diet and from wrong products to washing your hair too often, the problem could be anything.
  • For me, first weather change and secondly, post-pregnancy body change, brought a lot of trouble for my hair. I focused more on the intake of a healthy diet as well as experimented with different brands to find the one that suits my hair.
  • Meeting a dermatologist is a must too if you are facing constant trouble with the scalp and hair.

Tips that worked for me

  • Oiling my hair but not too often. I grew up in a household where it was emphasized that oiling your hair often is a must. However, I have realized it all depends on how often you have to step out of the house. Stepping out of the house or working out regularly results in sweating, oiling on top of a sweaty scalp makes the situation worse. For me, oiling twice a week works well and I wash it off after a few hours.
  • Hair masks are a must. As much as we take care of our face and skin, it is equally important to take care of our hair. Using homemade masks works well for me. Make sure to choose the ones as per your hair requirements. Fenugreek seeds (methi) mask suits well on my hair. Here is how I prepare it:

***Soak methi dana for a whole night, in the morning blend it well. Add a few spoons of almond/olive oil. A spoonful of fresh yogurt and mix it all well. Apply this on your scalp as well as on the complete length of your hair. Let it get dry for an hour and wash it off. This helped in making my hair less frizzy and a bit easy to manage ****

  • Cover your hair from harsh sun or dust. The weather in our country is often hot and humid. We need to make sure to keep our skin and hair safe when stepping out of the house.

For the last couple of months, I have been using products from Anveya and I absolutely love how well these work on my curls. Other than homemade masks it is important to use the right products for your hair and scalp. I found the products which have helped me a lot in the last few months to reduce the frizz and dryness of my hair. Cleansing Shampoo, Ultra Moisture Conditioner, Curl defining Anti-frizz hair mist are the three products that I have been using and will be sharing my experience with you all. These are easily available on almost all the online selling portals like on Anveya Website, Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa, Purple.

As the product promises, it delivers too. The combo of these products has helped in defining my curls better and keeps my hair moisturized for a longer period of time. One of the biggest trouble of curly hair is getting entangled, with the help of these products this trouble is away from my hair.

One of the best parts about these products is the ingredients like Wheat & Soy Amino Acids, Fermentoil Hair Complex to Ginkgo Biloba, and Pink Himalayan Salt. These are known to maintain the health of the hair and invigorate the curls. Made using sustainable ingredients the products are safe and free from nasties. Keeping the benefits of nature in mind the packaging is completely environment friendly and recyclable.

The shampoo strengthens the hair and reduces frizz quite well. It doesn’t strip the natural oil from my hair which helps in keeping the curls well hydrated.

The conditioner helps in adding shine and the curls are tangle-free. Last but not the least, mist provides thermal protection to the curls. So go ahead and embrace and transform your curls with the unique blend of ingredients provided by Anveya curls hair care combo.


This is a sponsored post however all views mentioned above are mine. I have personally used the products and reviewed them on my experience.

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  1. Clip-in extensions zijn perfect voor wie snel en gemakkelijk lengte en volume aan het haar wil toevoegen. Bij Balayar bieden we een breed scala aan clip-in extensions in verschillende kleuren en lengtes, zodat je je haar moeiteloos kunt transformeren voor elke gelegenheid. Onze haar clip-in extensions zijn ontworpen voor een natuurlijke uitstraling en comfortabel gebruik, ideaal voor dagelijks gebruik of speciale evenementen. Voor wie op zoek is naar diepere kleuren en dramatische stijlen, zijn zwarte extensions een uitstekende keuze. Bij Balayar streven we ernaar om hoogwaardige extensions te bieden die voldoen aan al je stylingbehoeften. Ontdek vandaag nog ons assortiment en vind de perfecte haarclip extensions die bij jou passen. Voor meer informatie over ons aanbod en de extensions markt, bezoek

  2. Looks like the perfect hair care regimen for curly hair. Weather change and rains can create such a mess of hair. My hair gets frizzy in that weather.

  3. Indeed a great post-Kavita. My co sister has a lot of curly hair and she finds it very tough to manage them. This range from Anveya seems quite nice and helpful to try.

  4. I’m still figuring out the reasons for
    my hairfall and everything from wrong supplements to weather change seems to contribute. Anveya products are great. I’m sure your curls are happy now.

  5. Seasonal changes and outside pollution wreak havoc on the hair and hence it is necessary to have a proper hair care regimen in place. It is also important to have a system that suits your particular type of hair. The Anveya brand seem to have a good range of products for hair care and grooming.

  6. I am a huge fan of shampooing my hair every alternate day, along with applying a conditioner. My hair is subject to dandruff and it gets hard to manage during the seasonal changes, so I oil my hair frequently. All your hacks are good too, and I can totally see myself benefitting from your tips and tricks.

  7. Taking care of skin is very important especially during the weather change. I am definitely looking for good skin care products and I will try to get Anveya products.

  8. You’ve shared all important points for hair care. Recently I’m having excessive hair fall. I’m going to check these range if they will work for my oily scalp and dry hair.

  9. I have so much hair fall and dry scalp, will surely check your recommendation as this looks great product for hair care!! Thanks for sharing your experience.

  10. These are great hair care tips Kavita. I had also used methi dana hair mask long ago and had a good result with it. the brand you have suggested looking promising to me. will explore more about it from my side. my elder one has wavy hair, may be it is useful for her.

  11. With weather change, I experience little bit of a hair fall. I also use fenugreek hair mask once in a while. Along with that amla and shikakai mixed with curd is my second favorite. About the Anveya products, I am hearing a lot about the range but unfortunately I will not able to get them here so I will stick to the home remedies.

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