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Why You Should Track The Growth Of Kids

Why You Should Track The Growth Of Kids

Let me start by saying, being anxious for the tiniest things when it comes to our little one is quite natural, especially when you are a new mom. I have been there and I completely relate to your emotions.

“Oh, she still hasn’t started climbing up and down the stairs by herself.”
“Shouldn’t she be able to run and play with a ball by now?”

You know where I am going with this! Being a mom to a five-year-old kid, my experience says that it is important to track the proper development of our little ones but not on the society-made-standards.

I understand that when it comes to our kids, we all want them to thrive in all possible fields, but their proper growth tops the chart. When my little one was four or five months old and didn’t start even turning to the other side of the bed while the other kids of her age were starting to crawl, I was worried and often tried to find solace in social media mom-groups. To my surprise, other moms shared similar experiences of being worried and some also advised that it is quite normal for kids to reach the milestone as per their growth.

After speaking to my kid’s pediatrician I realized that growth is a dynamic process and it should be evaluated by your pediatrician during every visit. It is important to understand the difference between height and growth. Normal growth is an imperative indicator of our child’s overall health and wellbeing as they age. One of the most important tools in tracking our children’s development is growth charts. PediaSure has come up with a Grow Right tracker that can help you keep a tab on your little one’s growth. Easy to use, this online tool gives you a downloadable chart once you fill in the details of your child. Using this information, you can steer your child’s growth in the right direction.

Wondering why you should track your kid’s growth in India? Here are a few reasons that will help you understand its importance:

  • Growth and development, go hand in hand

A kid’s slower growth rate may also impact their learning and development. Growth signifies an increase in the physical size of the body and development means an improvement in the skills and function of an individual. There are a lot of things that may affect the child’s height and growth rate including proper nutritional intake. It is important to visit the pediatrician when in doubt and understand the appropriate diet/meal which is required for your kid’s growth.

  • By being proactive we can help them catch up to their potential

By being a proactive parent, one might be able to spot the signs of slower-growth in kids and help them in meeting their potential growth parameters. A slowed growth doesn’t have to be permanent and can be easily taken care of if detected at an early age. Proper nutritional intervention and dietary counseling can make things easier for the development of your little one.

  • Height and growth are two different things

No two kids are the same and the same goes for their physical growth. Being taller doesn’t signify that a child is growing properly or has a normal growth rate, there are other factors that play an important role too. From birth to five years of age, this time period is called the formative years. During these years, basic mental and physical development happens in children.

After becoming a mother, I came to realize the true meaning of “time flies”. Kids grow-up in a blink of an eye and it is up to us, the parents, to make sure that they have a healthy environment and the right nutrition during their growing up years.

Hope this blog post has helped you in understanding the importance of tracking the growth of our little ones, that is the #FirstStepToGrowRight

Happy parenting mamas!

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  1. People can suggest manythings but do proper research and track your kid’s growth. The good news is now we have the growth tracker also

  2. I am sure this post would be an eye opener for a lot of parents. We often forget that each child grows at his or her own pace. We too are using the Growth tracker to ensure that our kids are growing right.

  3. As parents, we always worry about age appropriate growth of our kids. PediaSure’s growth tracker is really useful for parents to track their child’s growth. Thanks for sharing all insights.

  4. “it is important to track the proper development of our little ones but not on the society-made-standards” – this! I just wish more and more parents read your article. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  5. I agree with you that tracking our children’s growth is essential. So, even I use PediaSure’s growth tracker for tracking Ayaansh’s growth. It is not only handy but gives a comparative and concise report.

  6. Being a mom of two I am always worried about my kids nutritional intake and keep a tab on their growth using the pediasure growth tracker. Also pediasure itself is a great booster for kids.

  7. My daughter is such a fussy eater that often I worry about her proper growth and development. Thank you for introducing the growth tracker I am sure this will be very helpful to me

  8. tracking the growth of kids is so important, without which we can never know how they are growing and if they are growing properly or not. I track my child’s growth too.

  9. I totally agree growing years are the crucial years of a child life and we should focus on the right nutrition and also track how they are growing as per the age and what nutrition they are getting.

  10. Many factors play a role in the child growth and as a parent at times it is very important to understand them all and giving the meal so that both parent and child are happy is sometimes tiresome task. Pediasure helps to track the child growth and provides required nutrition to them.

  11. I agree, children ‘s growth is of utmost concern for any parent. And I am sure Pediasure ‘s growth tracker will be very good as it is a year old trusted brand.

  12. As a mother I find this growth tracker one of the most useful tools to measure my daughter’s growth. It gives a good idea to gauge the right growth of kids.

  13. I am hearing a lot about pediasure grow right tracker all across the web, nowadays. but did not get a chance to explore it from my side. seems like a great option for parents to track their kids growth. thanks a lot dear for sharing all insights. indeed useful information.

  14. “Being taller doesn’t signify that a child is growing properly or has a normal growth rate, there are other factors that play an important role too.” so true. I personally feel that as long as our child is meeting the milestones, staying active then height doesn’t matter that much. Sooner or later they will come on the track. But yes, if parents are concerned about it then they should never hesitate from discussing it with the pediatrician.

  15. Tracking kid’s growth is very much important and even I used this PediaSure tracker which helped me a lot!! Thanks for sharing such a detailed post.

  16. Would check this online growth tracker from Pediasure. It would be helpful to keep tabs on the child’s growth.

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