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Perfectil is the beauty vitamin for inner health and outer glow

Perfectil is the beauty vitamin for inner health and outer glow

The phenomenon of being healthy or what is considered as being healthy has changed for me, especially since I became a mother of two beautiful kids. In my twenties, my focus was not much on a healthy lifestyle and my metabolism didn’t mind that either.  However since I have stepped into my thirties, a lot has changed. All the memes of “being in the thirties” finally make sense now. Jokes apart, I am glad I have taken control of the situation and made some changes in my lifestyle.

My younger one is now eleven months old and I started noticing some changes in me which weren’t that prominent earlier. Both my pregnancies were very different. The second one was a bit more physically challenging. I made sure that my focus on achieving a healthy lifestyle remains constant even after delivery too. Making sure that my kids find the best version of me is my driving force, this time to be in the best of my health.

There are plenty of different habits that contribute to being healthy and listed below are the ones that I swear by:

Made meditation and yoga a part of my daily routine

I have always been fascinated with yoga however never really felt it was meant for me. After my second delivery back ache became a constant part of my life. Upon suggestion from my mother, I decided to give yoga a proper try and never looked back since then. It has been almost six months since I made yoga and meditation part of my daily life and I can see visible changes in me. I strongly believe that there is an undeniable connection between inner health adding to outer glow.

Timely intake of meals and water

“I can’t remember the last time I had a hot cup of tea.”

Isn’t it a phrase we have heard a lot from almost every mother across the globe? I too was one up until a year ago. The day I couldn’t control my emotions due to exhaustion in front of my little kids is the day I knew it was time to make some changes. I cannot pour from an empty cup quite literally, which is why I made sure to follow the routine of eating all three meals on time and asking for help when needed. Water plays an important role too.

Supplements are important

A couple of years ago I knew nothing about supplements and thought there was no need for them if I eat healthily. However, it isn’t true. I have done my research with due diligence when it came to start with supplements. From asking my doctors to reading about it online. Did you know that it is clinically proven that the regular intake of Vitamin C prevents skin damage? Not only that it is also a powerful antioxidant and essential for collagen biosynthesis.

Certain essential micronutrients help you stay beautiful and healthy. Perfectil has 22 micronutrients essential for healthy skin, hair, and nails, including Vitamin C.*

Understand your body’s requirement

Do not just go by the hype of a product, understand the need of your own body and act accordingly. There are plenty of options available in the market when it comes to different supplements however, it is imperative to understand what fulfills the requirement of your body. For example, for me, brittle nails and damaged hair were preliminary concerns

And that’s when I found the perfect supplement for my body based on my weight and age and that’s possible only when you try the 3-step supplement selector test on the Perfectil website. Truly, it understands me the best and has dealt with them wonderfully.

To be honest, being a mom of two there is no way I can follow a seven-step beauty routine before bed however, it doesn’t mean that I have to neglect the health of my skin. I have decided to be the best version of myself for my kids and I am glad my every tiny step towards this makes me a better person.

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*Source – Afr. J. Biotech. 2008;7(12):20149-2054 & J. of CCA. 1978;97-9. Perfectil info from OTC doc


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  1. Perfectil has understood the science of healthy living with including biotin, zinc and selenium among other essential micronutrients in it.

  2. I really like your suggestions. As we age beauty does become a major concern. To have a healthy skin and body sure takes a lot of work.

  3. A simple dedicated routine can do wonders.Supplements are important because most of the time our diet doesn’t meet the nutritional requirements.

  4. Women need to take care of their health to bring up a healthy family. On the contrary, they avoid eating good nutrients and collapse at the beginning of the long journey! Thanks for raising an alarm!

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