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How to make quick and easy Kathal Ki Biryani, #recipe

How to make quick and easy Kathal Ki Biryani, #recipe

Easy recipe of Kathal Biryani

During this lockdown, we all had the chance to learn the value of homecooked meals along with our passion to cook delicacies we never tried our hands-on in the kitchen. I am no different than most of you all. I have been in my kitchen for so many hours during this lockdown that I have never been in the last three decades of my life. Making Kathal Biryani was on my soon-to-make list since the lockdown

All things aside, I find cooking therapeutic, not only that it also gives me a chance to plug in my earphones and escape from the noisy world. Listening to podcasts is another addiction I have got (Pheww, that is another topic to be discussed with some fabulous recommendations for sure. My brother has been after my life to cook this since the lockdown began and I finally decided to bless him with my graciousness.

I know that veg Biryani is not a real biryani (like really?). This is not cooked on Dum, quite general-ready-to-eat types (my specialty, I hate long hours in the kitchen). This little rant was on the basis of a couple of DMs I received post the pictures went on Instagram stories saying all possible nasty things you can think of, for no apparent reason. (spreading positivity is not that difficult, few people should try it)

  • Basmati Rice
  •  Jackfruit (raw)
  • Onion
  • Green chilies
  • Ginger and garlic paste
  • Kesar strands
  • Curd
  • Garam Masala
  • Salt
  • Whole spices ( Badi ilachi, javitri, tejpatta, cinnamon)
  • Cashew
  • Chopped coriander and mint leaves
Prepping for the final dish 

Wash and then soak about two cups of rice for a couple of hours. Let few strands of Kesar soak in few teaspoons of milk. Wash and cut the jackfruit in small pieces and then let it boil for 10 min (add a little salt in the boiling water) drain it and keep it aside.

Take 2 medium size onions and slice it (not too thick), this will be used as birasta (deep-fried, crunchy onion). Heat about four tablespoons of oil in a pan put these sliced onions in, and let it get cooked well. Keep stirring it. Once it starts to turn slightly brown be more careful and keep stirring it, once it’s golden brown take it out on a tissue paper. Spread it well, use a fork to detangle, and let it get dried properly. Keep it aside now.

?️ I made garam masala at home and the aroma was absolutely amazing. (Google it or let me know k will share the recipe of the one I used). Deep fry or shallow fry the jackfruit till it is golden brown. Keep it aside.

Take a bigger pot/cooker/ kadhai or whatever available utensil which can be used for layering of these food items.
Put ghee/butter, heat it well, put a spoon of shahi/Kala jeera. When it starts to splutter put the sliced onion and cook it till it is translucent, add slit green chilies (as per your taste use more or less, I used three) then add ginger garlic paste. Let it all cook for some time so the raw smell goes away. Add half a bowl of thick curd, add two spoons of masala, degi mirch and stir it well. Keep stirring it and add the fried jackfruit.

Kathal Biryani

Cover the pan let it cook for 5 min. Meanwhile, parboil the rice, in the cooker or pan your choice. Now we will start to layer our biryani. Take out the cooked Jackfruit in another bowl leave about two tablespoons only. Take rice and cover it on top of the mixture. Put some chopped fresh leaves and drizzle the Kesar mix on top. Make another layer of jackfruit mix then rice and follow the rest of the process. After layering it all, cover it up well for 10 more minutes. Almost done. When it’s ready to serve add that birasta and serve it hot.  Phew, quite a lot of things but I promise it tastes delicious.

Watch the below-given video for a better understanding of the process. Happy cooking!



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  1. I truly love this vegetable jackfruit in my family home. we make lot of dishes from Kathal I had tested this biryani in the past your post remind me of the same taste and nostalgia. I will make it as and when the fruit will be available in the market

  2. Wow! It looks yummy. It has been a long time I didn’t have lethal, you know. My mum cooked for us and today also I remember the taste.

  3. One of my fav vegetables but never tried this and it seems really easy to make will sure give it a try!!

  4. Honestly I have started eating kathal very recently and so have never heard or tried making a kathal biryani. With your recipe now I will try making it for sure.

  5. The dish looks so tempting in your pics. I love Kathal. Unfortunately don’t get to eat it often in Mumbai. Am tempted to try this biryani though.

  6. I used to make so many things with jack fruit like kathal bhajjiya, kathal ka kofta, kathal do pyaza, and pickles but kathal biryani is something very much new to me, thanks for sharing your recipe I will surely give it a try.

  7. I really love Kathal ki biryani , it is the nearest we vegetarians can get to the meatless version of a biryani . I learnt some tricks from this recipe to get the right texture of Kathal in the biryani.Thanks!

  8. ahhhaa..kathahal ki biryani is my favorite. You brought back Kanpur memories. I miss katahal after coming to the US. Its been years, I haven’t had Katahal. I remember, I used to tease my mom that the biryani look like chicken biryani (as we are pure vegetarians)

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