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Brain “A Powerhouse of Thoughts”….Train It Wisely! #writebravely #writetribeproblogger

Brain “A Powerhouse of Thoughts”….Train It Wisely! #writebravely #writetribeproblogger


“The brain not only receives information but interprets and patterns it”

I found the above-mentioned definition of the pattern (verb) after a google search. First time when I heard this prompt the idea stuck to me to write about the human brain.

After reading a bit about the connection between brain and pattern, I realized that although machines nowadays can do pretty much everything, however, there is still something that sets the human race apart.

BRAIN a power to think and evolve. Ever noticed how magical and emotional it is to see the tiny human being learn a new activity each day. They grasp things in seconds and then they become persistent until they master it. While I was reading about it more and more I realized that almost everything, every-time and everywhere has a pattern. The topic is too vast to cover so I decided to look into one tiny part of it, human nature.

There is a set pattern of behavior and thought the process that goes with every human being and if you can control these patterns then you become the master of the circus called life.

I am a person driven by emotions. I have tried zillion times to change it and take my brain with me whenever I go on an emotional roller coaster, but it never works. So, I decided to research (google search I meant) a little more about human brain or emotions. The power of positive thinking has been studied, talked about and documented time and again. If you too are under the attack of negative thoughts then read on and I assure you that these tips will help you:

Mantra works wonders:

Decide or pick a positive mantra for yourself first thing once you wake up. It could be as easy as is “It is going to be a beautiful day” or “It’s a happy day”. Repeat it silently to yourself as you go about your day. Using a mantra will not only give you something positive to think about, but it also takes up time your brain might otherwise use for negative thoughts

Gratitude list:

This is something I have learned recently from a fellow blogger and it really worked for me. Sit down with a piece of paper and come up with five things you’re grateful for. Making a gratitude list can change your mood and keep you focused on the positive in life.

Control your monkey mind:

This is something that I have been trying for a month now. I saw a video of a monk giving us this monkey mind trick. As per him, this is how the meditation starts. Close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. That’s it! I know it is difficult to control zillion thoughts when they pop in our mind, however, it is tad bit easy if we focus our mind towards our breathing. Start with just 2 minutes and gradually increase the timing.

“It All Begins And Ends In Your Mind. What You Give Power To Has Power Over You, If You Allow It”

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Reader Comments

  1. This is spot on! Brain has powers that have not been fully discovered by humans still. It’s amazing to know what we can do and manifest with right chain of thoughts.

  2. I have tiny brains that watch and listen to me everyday. I try to keep in mind constantly that they’re learning in everything I do and say. Great post!

  3. This was very interesting. I have been working all year to change some of my patterns. One thing I have never been good at is meditation. It seems as though I can’t let go of the thoughts. I will try again and just focus on breathing. I keep a monthly gratitude log in my journal and write at least one thing in it every day. It is really fun to go back and see all the things I have to be grateful for.

  4. OMG! May be this is the weirdest co-incidence, but I always give an analogy of out minds being like monkeys. A monkey will try to steal cookies from a jar with a closed mouth & his fist gets stuck inside the jar. He doesnt realize that only if he let’s go of the cookies, he will be free from the jar. We also should learn to let go of a lot of negative emotions to feel free in life!

    Loved reading this article!

  5. Waking up with the thought that the day is going to pan out perfectly is always empowering and so is a gratitude list. Training the monkey mind is a video that I also watched. Thank you for the reminder. In fact your post comes at the right time when I’m have been focusing on my breath. Apparently the ideal breath count per minute should be 12, for us to be in a calm and relaxed state. A friend who works with channelizing energies told me this and also suggested, that each time one feels restless or out of sync, on must sit down and watch the breath, for a minute, for it might have gone up.
    Though 12 breaths might not be always easy to achieve but we can always aim at 18/20 and then gradually over a period of time bring it down to 12.

    Also today someone spoke to me about leading each day of our life as though it was our last day. That made so much sense.
    Thank you for your post, Kavita; it brought many thoughts flooding.:)

  6. such an interesting twist to the pattern theme! and yes controlling the monkey mind and haveing a positive mantra is a wonderful idea!

  7. Your so right! It is so important the way we train our brains to think and that we remain positive. It’s pretty crazy how we even can control our brains because our brains control us. Figure that one out! Lol thanks for this article to make us think.

  8. I’ve tried the concept of the ‘mantra’ and it really works for me though sometimes I get obsessed at repeating the mantra in my head ?But the concept of the gratitude list is completely new to me. I am going to give it a try. Thank you for the inspiration!

  9. Brain is the most powerful of all. And I guess that is why everyone gives so much importance to positive thinking.

  10. It kind of makes you wonder why some people are content with certain patterns, or feel they’re stuck in them. We all do have our patterns, though – some harder to let go of than others.

    I’m still not sure I understand the point of meditating, or that I have any idea how to do it. Is the idea to “empty the mind”? Not happening. “To focus the mind”? OK, on what? Or is it akin to self-hypnosis – to get the mind into a state that’s receptive to subliminal suggestions?

    Focusing on the gratitude list, noticing the positive and consciously letting go of the negative, is very helpful to me.

  11. One cannot reiterate enough about the importance of positive thinking. I am a little bit of pessimist myself but am striving to see the positive aspect in each event. And it sure does work wonders. Great read!

  12. Mind controls body. Control your thoughts, master the art of positive thinking and Life is much better. I agree with you about writing a gratitude list daily. I have started it recently and it helped me a lot.

  13. It’s actually all in the mind. The strength lies in controlling our mind from the negative pattern. Not easy though. I am all for positivity. Loved your post 🙂

  14. You know this is one of those articles that I take a print out of and keep in my special file. Yes I have one of that. This article made me feel so good and positive. So much to learn. Thank you for sharing this

  15. Such great tips! I definitely agree that we have to tame our thoughts! I’ve read a lot that mantras work great. I’m definitely incorporating these. Thanks so much for sharing!

  16. Love this! I’m a big believer in our thoughts being energy and attracting like energy. When I was struggling with my worst episodes of postpartum depression/anxiety I would use gratitude lists a lot. It really helps to refocus my brain and emotions.

  17. I agree to the thoughts expressed here- the mind and how we train it to think is one of the most powerful tools in making our life more fulfilling. I have personally seen the power of positive thinking and the multiplier effect – it’s phenomenal

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