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My top 4 Netflix recommendations for Lazy weekend #BlogchatterAtoZ

My top 4 Netflix recommendations for Lazy weekend #BlogchatterAtoZ

Dear readers, if you plan to spend a lazy weekend looking for Netflix recommendations, you are at the right place. We are parents of two young kids, our plans often consist of a movie marathon if it’s too hot to step outside or one of the kids isn’t feeling well. Friday evenings are our favorites as it includes, homemade Pizzas & Netflix. These recommendations are solely based on my liking and viewer rating on some platforms, keep in mind these recommendations are a mix for all age groups.



This one has been topping the Netflix list for the last couple of weeks. With the songs trending on all social media platforms, I am sure you have already heard and read about this movie. Starring Diljeet Dosanjh and Pariniti Chopra, this movie is garnering attention everywhere. While some praise it, others do not seem happy glorifying the story of Chamkila. After reading rave reviews online, I knew nothing about the character and watched it with high hopes. It did justice to the high hopes and Imtiaz Ali has managed to create the same magic on the screen he is known for. The leading actors have done phenomenal work and the supporting actors are brilliant. Do I know more about Chamkila now? Probably not, I watched it solely for entertainment purposes and loved it.

Mamla Legal Hai

Mamla Legal Hai

This took me by surprise, I went in with no hope, one strong recommendation from my brother and it is absolute magic. A must-watch indeed. I fell in love with Ravi Kishan all over again. All the characters will leave a mark in your memory with their acting and dialogue. The story flows like butter; you will never be bored with the visual content.

Orion and the Dark 

Orion and the dark

This is one of my favorites because we watched and enjoyed this one thoroughly as a family. My elder one is eight years old, we have been discussing nightmares lately. The movie gave a perspective to the discussion. The animation is top notch and kids will love the storyline too. Here is the problematic part, the movie should come with a disclaimer too. There are a few of the scenes that aren’t meant for the young child’s mind. If you are okay with those and can discuss them in-depth with your kids, then it is a good watch.

Queen of tears

Queen of tears

This is for all my K-drama lovers. After an eternity I found a show that had me hooked, there are still a couple of more episodes to come. I have been a K-drama fan for the last three years but lately, the new shows have been disappointing me due to their similar storylines. Although this one too has a predictable storyline the star cast has made it worth the watch.

These were my Netflix recommendations for this week, what have you been indulging in? I am always looking for recommendations for some good shows 🙂

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Reader Comments

  1. Amazing recommendations, I am big-time into binge-watching and these options are just fun. I have added some in my to-be listed and will check these recommendations too.

  2. Oh we have to watch chamkila. I’m guessing it’s a good movie for date night with the husband. I e not watched the others but maybe I will soon. Thanks for the list.

  3. I started watching Chamkila .. yet to complete it… have been reading rave reviews about it. Will certainly check out Mamla Legal Hai… thanks for recommending it.

  4. This is such a timely post for me. I was looking for some recommendations. I watched few episode of queens of tear and then drop in between. will watch it again as you said it is good. and yes, I like the cast too.

  5. Chamkila has won hearts all over. I am a Netflix addict, currently watching “Monk” a detective show, it has that retro feel where things are less gory and the investigation very Sherlock style classical.

  6. I want to watch Chamkila. Heard a lot about it. But I don’t know when. I want to check it off from my list before summer vacation starts.

  7. Chamkila is in my list too! Just need to untangle myself long enough from my Kindle to watch something!

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