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How my kids unlearned and learned the benefits of a vegetarian diet- Myths busted

How my kids unlearned and learned the benefits of a vegetarian diet- Myths busted

Dear readers, how are things in your part of the world? Over here the new school year has started and we’re busy with preparations. Books, covers, labels, uniforms, bags…it makes me nostalgic for the times when my mom would be organizing the house as my sister and I prepared for all the new classes.

Being a girl who has been on the heavier side of weight all her life, the topic of today’s blog post on a diet-balanced diet is close to my heart. I am a mother of two and my relationship with food took three decades of life to be mended well. The understanding of the significance of protein in the diet is immense. Especially for us, people with a vegetarian diet balanced diet, it is often believed that we have limited options to consume when it comes to protein.

When I was expecting my second child the protein intake was supposed to be increased while keeping an eye on my weight gain as well. That’s when my journey of understanding and making sure my family was on the right diet balanced diet started. Proteins are made of building blocks called amino acids and these amino acids are important for growth and development.

In the last three years, both my kids and I have unlearned and learned a handful of things when it comes to food. A lot of myths were busted and due to that, we all have a better understanding of food too. Here are a few things that we have all learned in the last three years:

Protein is important irrespective of the age


Eating vegetables and fresh food has always been a part of our growing life however, understanding of protein intake wasn’t much discussed in the house. Paneer was a celebratory dish and was made only on special occasions. Soya chunks were our favorite and mom used to make it quite often. Did you know that soya is an excellent source of healthy protein and is quite budget friendly too? (source)

We must make sure we’re getting enough protein, no matter our age. It’s a crucial nutrient that our body needs to function properly. From milk to paneer and from soy to lentils, all these food items must be included in a kid’s diet regularly. Especially for kids, protein intake must be paid much attention to for their proper growth and must be included in their balanced diet.

Home-cooked meals need not be boring

Home cooked meal

Cooking has always been an activity that I enjoy, however, since I have become a mother of kids who want to have snacks all day long it needs more preparation than ever. Thanks to them, I have learned all the interesting recipes and often give them a healthy twist too. For example, for my younger one with a sweet tooth dry fruit & dates ladoo, or frozen choco bars are a hit. For the elder one instead of munching on chips, she picks up butter-flavored foxnuts. We have recently learned a couple of recipes for spreads. Now, instead of those store-bought dips and mayonnaise kids love to eat these homemade ones.

Milk is important for diet balanced diet 


In school, I remember my parents being consistent with our milk intake. The habit has continued to date and passed on to my kids as well. Milk is widely considered a beneficial product for growing children because it is a complete source of nutrition and is the richest source of high-quality protein, calcium, and phosphorus. (source).

For my family, Complan as a brand is something that we trust and have been using since we were kids. Did you know that Complan has 100% milk protein and other vital nutrients like iron, calcium, iodine, etc? Not only that Complan has 63% more protein than other nutrition drinks. My kids love to drink milk and adding Complan adds to the flavor as well as the nutrients.

A vegetarian balanced diet has plenty of protein options to choose from for example nuts, quinoa, soybean, lentils, and many more. All it needs is a bit of meal planning and inculcating these superfoods in our daily consumption. We hope this blog has helped you understand a bit more about protein and its importance.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the blog content are independent and unbiased views of solely the blogger. This is a part of the public awareness initiative supported by Complan.

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  1. It’s great to see how you’ve incorporated so many protein-rich foods into a vegetarian diet.

  2. I didn’t know soy was such an excellent source of protein, definitely adding it to our meals.

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