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My all time favorite K-drama series in romance genre

My all time favorite K-drama series in romance genre

Dear readers, hope you slept well last night. If you are thinking why are we starting with “sleep” talks, well, because this mama hasn’t had a peaceful sleep in the last whole week. Both kids are under the weather and nights are excruciatingly long during these times. I finally managed to find my solace in writing this blog while the younger one is sleeping peacefully in the afternoon and the elder one is busy in her room with colors.

K-dramas are my escape or coping mechanism when everything seems a bit “too much” for me to handle. I think the human race is surviving on escapism nowadays, with schedules, deadlines, and a never-ending to-do list, the list goes on. To find peace amidst all of this we fall back on distractions, books, and K-dramas are mine. What are yours? The recent releases in the K-drama world aren’t my cup of tea, one of the many reasons I fell in love with these was their simplicity. The recent dramas are losing the touch of realism and exaggerated actions/emotions is not something that I enjoy watching. Hence, I found these gems for you if you too are a fan of acting that stays in your heart and stories that leaves you spellbound.

I am going to share a few dramas that feel like a cuddle to me, warm and full of love, the kind that makes your heart feel happy. The list will include names of dramas that aren’t very popular but definitely worth a watch.

  1. I will find you on a beautiful day

K drama romance

Do you love watching stories of common people? Their healing hearts, mundane life, genuine smiles, and resilient soul, it’s like a drama that’s gift-wrapped in all these emotions. The simplicity, realistic plot, magnificent acting, and icing on the cake are the soul-soothing music that makes this drama an extraordinary one. The whole series feels like a warm hug. One of my favorite scenes to watch is from a book club meeting, I longed to be a part of that group. The poetry used in scenes is so apt and each subplot was brought to a beautiful ending while some had a hopeful beginning. A must-watch, indeed.

         2. Because this is my first life

Another drama that would make you fall in love with the characters. It has a beautifully well-written script and the actors did justice to their roles. The cinematography and soundtracks increase the beauty of the series. It has all the ingredients of a fabulous drama. It was endearing to watch two souls finding a common space of love with a very different definitions of it. The storyline isn’t as straightforward as our leads aren’t the type who believe in love enough to fall so easily, they viewed marriage as an arrangement based on love until their feelings got in the way.

   3. Something in the rain 

I have watched this drama quite a handful of times. Simple things often leave a mark on your heart in the long run and this one does that. It’s beautiful and I am running out of adjectives to say good words about these dramas :). One common theme among all of these dramas is the brilliant actors who brought the story alive with their fabulous acting skills. It is one of those heartfelt dramas that you start to feel now that it’s over, I don’t know what to do with my life anymore.

     4. One spring night

K drama

The director and scriptwriter of “Something in the Rain” are the ones who have created this masterpiece too. All the characters are perfectly fit for their respective roles. This series has beautiful unpretentious layered stories and nuanced study of ordinary characters finding the strength to make painful decisions that promise to make their lives more worthwhile. The theme song, Spring Rain by Oscar Dunbar is a true beauty, a masterpiece. Well, to be honest, If you’re in love, this drama will speak to you. Enjoy this beautiful drama! It is food for the soul and so worth the ride!

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