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It Brought A Smile On My Face – My Pharmacy Experience

It Brought A Smile On My Face – My Pharmacy Experience
The pharmacies that are focused and responsive towards the needs of their patients leave a positive impact on patients’ minds.

It is important for the pharmacy services to pay attention to patient’s feedback. So here is my experience that not only brought a smile to my face but also earned my respect:

I went to a nearby recently opened pharmacy to get a refill of my prescribed medication. Usually, the visits to a pharmacy are quite monotonous. We go there, talk to the pharmacist, get our medicines and get back to our usual business. In my last visit, I met this pharmacist who actually paid attention to each detail filled in the form.

I filled my date of birth in the form with other required details. She was helpful and made sure to inform me how to take the medicines. For a change, she was not in a hurry even though there were many patients or in a quiet zone which is how my other pharmacies’ experience was before.

When I was done collecting my medication, I thanked her and was about to leave when she mentioned that she could send someone over to deliver my next refill as I might get busy with my birthday celebration. I smiled and left that place with such happiness in my heart. Few kind words or a kind gesture can really make a difference in someone’s day.


Here are few tips that might help a pharmacy to give a better experience to people visiting them:

  • A healthy and clean environment matters a lot. Keep a check on the level of maintenance and cleanliness of the premises and equipment.
  • A well-trained staff, equipped with the skills and competence to deliver effective services is a definite plus.
  • Focus on providing the high-level of assurance with regards to the safety and quality of services their patients receive.
  • It is good to conduct continuous and systematic reviews of the key risks for the pharmacy.

I so want to tell the people who visit pharmacy often, if the people at your pharmacy go out of their way to take care of you and your health needs then please don’t forget to let them know that you personally appreciate their service. They are doing their best to meet everyone’s needs and sometimes it can be hard for them to stay on top of everything.

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