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5 Wardrobe Must-Haves Every Girl Should Own

5 Wardrobe Must-Haves Every Girl Should Own

There are a few classic clothing choices that never go out of trend. For me, anything that makes me uncomfortable cannot be added to my wardrobe and is not trendy enough to be bought. A classic combo for a perfect day outing can be a simple pairing of a white shirt and denim.

Your dressing sense speaks volumes, it doesn’t mean you should splurge on buying unnecessary clothes and fill your wardrobes. It simply means you need to understand the magic of mix & match and invest in a few clothing items that can save your day. There are many options online for shirts that you can choose from and pair it up with your favorite jeans. Here is my list of 5 must-haves every girl should own:

White shirt/T-shirt and blue denim:

This combination is my go-to option when I need to get dressed for a casual lunch with a group of friends. It is comfortable and trendy too. Light color and cotton attire goes well in summers. A white shirt blue jeans are an essential classic look. This combination is versatile and has endless potential. White shirts can be layered with simple denim jeans or a distressed pair of denim. You can even match them with a cool jumper or a trendy blazer to smarten up the look.

A Summer dress:

This one is a must-have option in your wardrobe. Easy to carry and you can easily style it up with light junk jewelry to make it a bit quirky. One of the best parts of summer fashion is the simplicity of wearing your favorite flowy beautiful gown and feeling effortlessly chic. If you get bored with the dress you can always pair it up with a jacket or style it up as a skirt.

A perfect little black dress:

There is no better option than a perfectly fitting black dress to pick if you are in a dilemma about what to wear for dinner outings. Black is a color that looks nice on everyone. It is also a slimming color. Since your Little Black Dress is applicable for just about any special occasion like dinner outings, semi-formal events, etc. it will make sure you get your money’s worth. The more you can wear it the more you feel that the purchase of your little black purchase was worth it.

A bunch of good Shirts and few scarfs:

These are comfortable to wear, you can choose the color as per your mood and there are so many ways you can style/Pair it up with. A scarf is actually just an elongated piece of fabric that can give a completely different look to your dress if paired perfectly. It really makes a difference when it comes to a trendy look. Woollen, cashmere, silk, linen, or chiffon scarves won’t stay idle in your wardrobe. Pick a few options from block color shirts or tops and team it up with a scarf, ripped denim jeans, or a blazer and you are ready to rock the look.

A bold color shirt dress:

I own 4 or 5 shirt dresses and can never get bored with these because these are so easy to carry plus super stylish for a fun outing with friends. One of the best ways to bring a change to your casual wardrobe is to buy a nice shirt dress and there are plenty of options to pick from. Pair these with white sneakers and a nice pair of sunglasses for a perfectly chic look.


Hope these few options of clothing have helped you make a decision on what should be there in your wardrobe for the days you just don’t know what to wear.

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  1. I like your blog, thanks for sharing. I love this information you shared with us. I am waiting for your next post. Keep it up.

  2. I swear by my denims and white shirt. Your list is quite concise and well-put together. With good accessories they can always save the day.

  3. Oh that’s such an exhaustive and thoughtful compilation will be a handy list for all girls. I too have a little black dress and a bold coloured shirt too.

  4. I too agree that 1 white shirt and one black dress is really important to have in a collection ..perfect listing !!

  5. I agree with all your essentials listed here. A nice skirt also comes in handy for different occasions.

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