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How To Make Blogging A Business And Earn From It

How To Make Blogging A Business And Earn From It

How To Make Blogging A Business And Earn From It

Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing – Benjamin Franklin 

The reason for writing this post today is a handful of questions that I often receive about my blogging journey of mine. I am still a pretty naive blogger and there is so much to learn, however, I would love to share my experience and hope it helps clear doubts of someone who is on the verge of taking a leap of faith in this industry.

My first introduction to blogging happened some five years ago. Earlier, my love for writing was pretty much limited to the diary pages. Blogging could be a mode of income, was an alien concept for me. When a new life started within me, it gave me a chance to pursue my love for writing and the situation demanded me to leave the corporate world behind.

I missed the corporate life too much not realizing the potential of this blogging business structure. Five years in this industry and I know this can definitely be full-time work for you with earnings to pay your bill. I will be sharing my learnings via this blog and hope you all enjoy reading this.

What is a blog?

In layman’s terms, an online platform through which you can share your thoughts and information with readers. It is a personal weblog or journal in which someone could share information or their opinion on a variety of topics. Information is the key here and with the current scene of internet exposure, it gets consumed by millions of people who love to google anything and everything.

How to start?

Well, there is no one rule that fits all. The most important thing here is your passion and love for writing. I started my journey via a parenting online platform that gave me the freedom to share my thoughts with mothers going through similar experiences as I.

Given the current scenario, social media platforms can be your testing ground too for your writing. Of course, the freedom to work on your own terms, the flexibility of your working environment, and the sense of being your own boss are a plus point of this industry but this is only one side of the whole building.  Being consistent, staying relevant, and treating it as your career with dedicated hours daily to your work is also a part of the deal.

I know that starting a blog can seem overwhelming and intimidating. There are 5 easy steps to start your blog:

  • Pick a blog name and decide the blogging platform (WordPress, Blogspot, Joomla, etc.)
  •  Get web hosting and customize your blog
  • Write and publish your first blog

There are tons of tutorials available online to get details about each point. Make sure to do your research well and don’t assume that you’re going to start making money in the first week, or even in the first month. 🙂


How to earn from your blog?

This is the fun part, the reason you decided to get a business blog in the first place. 🙂

There is unlimited potential in blogging with a vast variety of niches you can pick from. I got my first payment for writing a blog on a parenting platform five years ago and that was the beginning of immersing myself in this writing industry. As long as we write about things that we are genuinely interested in, our passion will shine through and keep our readers interested.

From brand promotions via blogs to affiliate marketing, there are ways to earn money from blogging. Blogging takes work and dedication, but once you develop a large enough audience, there are several methods you can employ to monetize your blog. The top bloggers in the world earn quite a bit, but even a part-time blogger can expect to make a nice profit if things are done correctly.

Make sure to focus on topics where you have unique insights to share, or where you can really add to the conversation.

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