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Five Tips On How To Start Your Own Consulting Business

Five Tips On How To Start Your Own Consulting Business

Starting a consulting business requires a proper planning. If you know your niche and have a good knowledge about your field then consulting would be the best option to start your own business. The reasons for starting a consulting business are as varied as the business themselves. Build relationships with your current work environment with anyone who will be a good contact for you when you head out on your own. Here are few things to pay attention to before you get into this field:

Research your field and find the Niche

It is always better to know about the business you decide to get into. Even with many years of experience as an employee, some new skills may be required when you become a consultant. Brushing up on the latest technologies and best practices in your chosen field will help you get a competitive rate or fair contract. Don’t chase a “trending” new field, look at your experience and carefully consider what you enjoy doing and what you excel at.

Find the target audience and brush up your selling skills

Determining your target audience can help you find the possible clients for your business. From corporates to small business, you can decide your target audience as per your business plan. An important aspect of being a consultant is building a good reputation in your industry and selling your skills. If required invest in learning new industry trends. Investing in your knowledge is the best investment you can make.

Build your Network and charge what your work is worth

There are many ways you can build your network. Join new networking groups or offer to speak at local business events. You can become a mentor and let people know you are setting up a business. It might be tempting to start low rate but it might affect adversely on your client about your ability. Be in touch with people through social media platforms. Online tools make it easy to find people from many years prior.

Understand the nitty-gritty of the business

It takes work to run a business. Prepare, plan and then execute. There are a lot of things involved in running a business, from accounts to clients, administration to marketing etc. Make a goal and keep revisiting if that has been achieved or not, what all changes can be done to achieve it. You will be a far more successful consultant by applying your expertise to a niche market that needs what you have to offer.

Last but not the least don’t panic. Understand it takes time to start a consulting business online and more time to build it as per your expectation. You need to be secure in your ability and confident that the next opportunity is just around the corner. Patience and right planning is the key to start a business.


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  1. Things have changed, changing quite rapidly, business models are undergoing tectonic shift and today we are no more bound by the 9-5 time frame nor within the physical confine of office space. It is virtual. The options are world wide open and it is upto us to locate our niche place and position ourselves to get connected for sharing our expertise and then get paid for it. The quality always matters.

    You have very deftly touched the key aspects, and yes one need to do good amount of research so as smartly position one’s offering. Packaging and presenting are vital ingredients in cooking the perfect dish in the space of consulting. Networking always the flavour of the season and our food for thoughts needs to keep working how to get the clients on board and nurturing the relationship… the trust and the credibility counts a lot.

  2. Great tips. For freelancers everything is unstructured and one has to do things on their own. Your write-up will help in starting a consulting business

  3. Great tips! Aside from what you mentioned, you should also consider experience. You can’t just start offering consultations to people without having experience of your own.

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