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First Trip Of The Year Needs Special Mention In My Diary

First Trip Of The Year Needs Special Mention In My Diary

After much planning, canceling, and re-planning we finally managed to go on our first trip of the year. If we make a list of things that I missed the most last year then traveling would definitely top the chart. A trip to the mountains felt like a breath of fresh air after months of being confined within the four walls of our house. We discussed a couple of destinations and then zeroed on “Rattapani Rishikesh”.

Place: Rattapani Resort in Rishikesh

Distance from Delhi: 258 Kilometers

Why did we decide to go to Rattapani?
  • It is easy to drive there and gives us a chance to avoid public transportation. Even though lockdown is being eased, we still need to continue with our precautionary measures,
  • The weather was pleasant there and the resort has one of the best locations that I have seen so far.
  • We left our place at 8:00 a.m. and reached there by 3;00 p.m. It is just a few kilometers ahead of Rishikesh.
  • The rental of properties is not heavy on your pocket and the hospitality of the staff is phenomenal.
  • The resort follows all precautionary measures, doesn’t keep all the cottages occupied with guests which gave us a chance to stay away from crowded places.
  • Just next to our cottage was a beautiful river, the scenic beauty of this place took our breath away.
  • The place is full of beautiful, colorful, and gorgeous birds which made this place all the more special.

How did we manage a seven-hour drive with our four-year-old?
  • We prepared a small activity bag for her that had: a coloring kit, small toys, hand puppets, and a small book.
  • We took a few pit stops whenever she felt a bit uncomfortable or needed to walk a little.
  • Homecooked food was our savior and we also packed packets of snacks for munching.
  • Layered clothing helped a lot and we took out or wore another layer as the temperature kept changing on mountains.

The plan was made within a week and we thankfully found the resort filling all our requirements. Making sure to get the car insured and contacting a personal injury attorney before leaving for a trip is a must. My four-year-old was the happiest and her excitement was on another level. Watching her enjoy the natural beauty of the place was worth all the efforts of traveling.

I am glad we decided to visit this place, the location of this resort brought the brightest smile on my face. We went on this trip with our friends and they have a kid the same age as my little one. She thoroughly enjoyed the trip, the open playing ground gave her a chance to run, jump, roll, or whatnot, which she missed the most back in our high-rise apartment.  The food at this place was lip-smackingly good. The staff was really good and made sure all our needs were met without any hassles.

What to carry in your bag?
  •  Well, we went during the winter season so carrying woolens were a must. However, this place was less cold than Delhi. Make sure to check the weather forecast before leaving.
  • Make sure to pack comfortable shoes and keep an extra pair if you enjoy water sports.
  • Lather yourself up with sunscreen because the sunrays the mountains is really harsh.
  • Carry toiletries of your choice because finding one would be a task at this place as it is quite secluded from the market area.
  • Playing loud music is not allowed however, you can carry small speakers if you enjoy listening to music in your room.
  • This resort is not lavish and doesn’t have an extension to call the room-service but it has everything to make your trip unforgettable with its scenic beauty and natural treasures.
  • Carry your favorite book and forget about social media because the internet doesn’t really work here.

I understand most of us must have been craving for travels and trips but don’t forget to follow all the precautionary measures and keep yourself as well as others safe 🙂 For more details of this resort, you can check their resort here.

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