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Disposable Tableware- A perfect combination of style and ancient Indian legacy!

Disposable Tableware- A perfect combination of style and ancient Indian legacy!

Plastic is one of the most used materials in many industries nowadays. The modern day lifestyle is focused on the people who are always on the move. Talk about food, it is available in cans, plastic containers, and other materials. Even in parties, you can easily find dozens and dozens of plastic tableware. Plastic is considered to be among one of the most stubborn forms of garbage.

plastic bottles and garbage

Many people are now more aware of the impact that plastic pollution has on our environment and taking a step towards the lesser use of plastic in their daily life. Recently I had the opportunity to review products from Greenfare which are made of Areca leaf. As the brand’s tagline suggests “A promise for sustainable tomorrow”, they offer a product which is eco-friendly, leak-proof, sturdy and yet stylish. Until I used it, I could not believe that the products which are actually made of leaves can be used in microwave and freezer too.

Greenfare Areca Leaf Tableware:

These are food safe and they are totally chemical free. Naturally fallen Areca leaf leaves of Areca palm tree are used to prepare the eco-friendly disposable tableware. Which means no trees gets harmed to manufacture the products. The naturally fallen leaves were collected & cleaned with fresh water before manufacturing the plates. There are no chemicals used in any of the processes.

Unlike other disposable tableware, our products are sturdy and stylish; they are microwave and freezer safe too! Their stringent quality control throughout the manufacturing process ensures hygienic product without any chemical or pesticide residue.

tableware made of Arcan leaf

Positive points:
  • These are 100% Natural & Biodegradable products.
  • These are Microwavable, Oven safe, Freezer safe & Compostable.
  • These products have a charm and beauty of our ancient Indian legacy.
Negative points:
  • The cost of this tableware is on a little higher end when compared to plastic. However, I think it is a negligible price when it comes to creating a safe and better environment for our future generation.

Next time you have a guest coming over or you plan to throw a party, don’t forget to opt for this brilliant disposable tableware. After all, we all need a sustainable tomorrow! To know more about the products you can visit their website, click here.

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  1. Well, There is a proverb- ” To every problem there is a solution”
    I think we have to adapt to eco friendly lifestyle to make our planet safe. Things to start with is to switch on to ecoware disposable tablewares and make our planet a better place to livein .More viable and more pure.I have just started 🙂

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