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U-GrowIndia Blogger’s Meet

U-GrowIndia Blogger’s Meet

Hi, hope you all had an amazing day!

Thank you for showering your love through likes and comments on the clicks I posted on social media platforms for the U-grow bloggers meet. Here is a little insight about the brand:

World’s renowned European brand for a wide range of baby care products—U-Grow is making a grand entry in India to cater the growing demand of innovative, high-quality baby care products that are based on today’s technology. The company is marking its debut in India with more than 80 products and has appointed ‘Sunheri’ as their partner in India.

U-Grow has a comprehensive & diversified range of products that will directly compete with already established brands in India. Some of the exclusive products of the brand are-
  • Health—Nasal Aspirator, Contactless Infrared Thermometer
  • Feeding—Silicone Baby Bottles with Temperature Sensors, Baby Bottle Sterilizer
  • Hygiene—Urinal, Folding Bathtub & Moisturizing Shampoo
  • Child’s Bedroom—Clothes Stand, Fox & Owl Bed
  • Travelling—Folding Stroller, Inflatable Car Mattress

I am in love with the quality of their products. Their products are safe with BPA free and non-toxic. These are not heavy on pockets too as U-Grow responds to human needs and they want every parent regardless of the social class, afford a quality product and safety for children.

feeding bottels   baby's bed  baby products

To know more about the brand please visit their page, click here.


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