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First All Girls Trip With My Little one!

First All Girls Trip With My Little one!

Remember any Hollywood movie with four girlfriends (I can think of one “Sex and the city”)? The four girls rocking the world with their laughter and fun. Well, not exactly like that but let’s just say the desi version would fit perfectly on us. We are four friends with really different behavior yet similar interests. It has been more than 7 years that we have known each other and have been a part of each other’s life. We four have seen each other in our best and worst times. I swear they know so well that at times they can predict my reaction to a particular situation way before I can react to it.

I wanted to go for a girls trip since forever but somehow plan was getting postponed for some reason or the other. I am one of those blessed people who have friends to die for. We had been rescheduling this all-girls trip together for a long time and it was about time to bring the plan into action. We decided that the place should be nearby and travel time shouldn’t be longer than 4 hours as a toddler would be traveling with us. Initially, I thought I would leave the little one with her dad but then the rest of the ladies suggested to take the baby along and I agreed happily.

We narrowed our search to two places and finally agreed upon Rishikesh.

Rishikesh it was!

Rishikesh was the destination we chose and packed our bags. I had been on trips before but never without my partner in bearing the public humiliation (Yes, you are on the right track), I am talking about my soulmate. For this trip I had mixed emotion, on one hand, I just couldn’t stop smiling thinking about all the fun we were about to have and on the other hand, I was little tensed about the toddler tantrum.

Well, the trip was indeed a fun and relaxing getaway for me. Although little one did throw tantrums on some occasions (check out my Instagram Feed for tantrum series here) thankfully she was easy to soothe too. I am glad that I took a trip with my girl’s gang and planning another one soon.

There is one incident that I wish to share with you all, which made me emotional and happy. If there is a way I can be more in love with my little one then this is definitely one of those moments.

On our second day of the trip, we visited the pretty crowded place and I was carrying my little one throughout that little stroll we took. I was really tired (Thanks to my mommy’s brain I forgot to bring the baby-carrier) and hunger was making me sick too.

After walking for about 20 or 30 minutes we finally found a decent place to sit and eat. When I put my little one on a chair, I left out a little cry of pain. I wiped sweat from my face, offered water to my little one and was looking for a place to wash my hands.

To my utter surprise, my little one got up on the chair, caressed my face, blew me a kiss and offered her water sipper to me. I looked at her and smiled. She gave me a bear hug, sat on my lap and made a heart with her fingers (She learned this pretty recently).

Maybe it was nothing, maybe I am too emotional or maybe she was just doing this out of the blue but it touched the right chord in my heart. I saw those twinkling eyes staring at me and telling me that she loves me…the purest form of love “Motherhood”!

It just melts my heart every time she does something so unexpected and beautiful. These little moments are so precious for me that I decided to pen it down and keep it safe forever in my heart and in writing.

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Reader Comments

  1. Every mom needs a great trip. I never have traveled without my husband, I dont think I would even have fun without him. But, I am excited to say that next month will be trying our first flying travel with a toddler and I cant wait.

  2. Awww.. This is so sweet. This clearly shows that babies care for their mothers. And the best part is these tiny things make mums super proud and super senti as well 🙂

  3. Wow. It feel wonderful if you’re able to take a trip with friends and take your baby along. And to top it, baby expressing love ??

  4. That’s such a sweet gesture! Babies know when we need their love. My 10-month-old has recently started giving me kisses when I ask, but it’s when I don’t ask and she still kisses me… that’s the best! <3


  5. This is such a beautiful post sharing the lovely moment you both shared, it’s divine when our precious ones shower such affection on us. lovely God bless

  6. Oh thats so great that your little baby also enjoying with her mom on a trip. Thats really a golden memories for you. She is such a cute baby and she knows very wel that when mom wants a kiss and a hug. Cute moments

  7. Our kids are so attentive..sometimes they do the sweetest things that melt our hearts. I don’t allow my 16mo to have too much sweet stuff. The other day my MIL gave him a slice of sponge cake and guess what…he fed half of it to me. Even though I kept telling him that he rarely gets a treat like this, he should enjoy it himself..he kept insisting that I should share with him. I was so touched I literally started crying!

  8. Awww… that’s so cute! the part where your LO offers you the sipper… adorable! It’s fun traveling with kids. Yes the pace is slower and certain preps need to be made, but kids are more resilient than we assume and they do realise they are in a new environment and enjoy with the parents. It’s such good time to bond as a family! 🙂

  9. I love that you found a way to include your little one in your trip with your friends. Just because we had children, doesn’t mean we have to leave old friendships behind!

  10. What a beautiful moment and one that you will never forget. They have a sense of when you need a little hug or loving moment and it makes it all worth it. Thank you for sharing!

  11. That’s so sweet. I love how sweet little ones are and it just makes your day. I’ll be grocery shopping with my 2 year old in the cart seat, and he’ll just randomly lean over and give me a big hug. I love it!

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