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Dan Dan Noodles With Maggi #Viralrecipe

Dan Dan Noodles With Maggi #Viralrecipe

The temptation one feels to try these viral recipes is not a joke. I saw these dan-dan noodles going viral on the internet and have been planning to make it since last year. Has it ever happened to you that a recipe or food picture has forced you to get up and just make it? I do not give in to such temptation easily but when it comes to Maggi, rules do not apply.

Honestly, I am not someone who likes to experiment with my food but a few recipes are just too irresistible to not give a try. This one was easy to follow and had a burst of flavors in every bite. Do give this a try and let me know if it was as per your taste palate :


Maggi packet -2, Sesame seeds (white), Chilli flakes, vegetable oil, black vinegar, peanut butter, soya sauce, salt, black pepper


Boil Maggi and strain it through a strainer, keep half a cup of that starchy water aside. Now take a heat-resistant bowl (glassware or steel/ceramic) and add dry spices which are Maggi masala, White sesame seeds, and red chili flakes. Heat a teaspoon of vegetable oil and pour it over these dry spices. Make sure the oil is not too hot or else it will burn the chili flakes and it would taste bitter.

Let this cool down a bit and give it a good mix. Then add a teaspoon of peanut butter, half a teaspoon of soya sauce, and half a teaspoon of vinegar. You can increase or decrease the quantity of these ingredients as per your taste. Add the salt and a pinch of pepper powder. Add the starchy water and give it all a good mix, now add the boiled noodles to it and mix it well so the noodles are well coated with all the flavors.

Ta-da! The slurpy noodles are ready to be enjoyed.

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  1. Yes, ofcourse. I do feel tempted with some viral recipes, I don’t like noodles so might not try but, my husband would definitely give this a try and this being a simple recipe, I would let him do the experiment on his own. ?

  2. I am not a maggi person but my daughters love it n this is a very unusual twist… I think they will enjoy it. Thank you for sharing it kavita. I’ve had Dan dan noodles but this is totally new to me ?

  3. Slurp slurp! I felt like slurping up all of it while watching your video. I have seen this new trend a lot of and have been meaning to try it out. Looks like it tastes amazing! Loved the choice of song in the video. ?

  4. I was like whats dan dan, liked the recipe. Btw the mix of peanut butter with soya sauce and vinegar works awesome with salads, nice recipe.

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