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What is your take on Johnny Depp’s Victory?

What is your take on Johnny Depp’s Victory?

Dear readers, today I woke up and chose violence (not literally, trying to get the hang of Gen-Z lingo nowadays) which is why the blog post will be on one of the most discussed topics on the internet. today.

We all had been glued to the screen in the last few weeks, watching the live coverage of the celebrity defamation case of Amber Heard VS Johnny Depp. Let me start by mentioning that the title of the post may not give the complete picture of the whole scenario that had unfolded in the courtroom. While Jury did decide that Mr. Depp shall be provided with 15 million dollars in total by Miss. Heard but they also mentioned that Amber heard will receive 2 million dollars too, for the comment made by the ex-lawyer of Mr. Depp.

The case was and still is talked about and discussed all over social media as well as on various news channels. Everyone had their opinion and takes on which party of this defamation case should win this jury trial, while many predicted the outcome in favor of Johnny Depp there were a few who had the neutral approach or favored Miss Heard too.

Am I in favor of the verdict or against it?

To be honest, we all saw the live coverage of the case and made our opinion on that basis. Did social media sway our emotions? yes. Does that mean Miss Heard was never at fault on the basis of all the evidence we saw/heard? absolutely not. Both the parties were responsible for this toxic relationship however, with all that we saw Amber Heard did look like someone whose story did not corroborate with the pieces of evidence.

I agree with the verdict and believe that the Jury has delivered the right decision given all the pieces of evidence which were provided in the courtroom.

Points that fell in favor of Mr. Depp and made me question the other party’s intentions:

  • The lack of evidence: Miss Heard kept reiterating “The mountain of evidence” and yet failed to produce the relevant ones in the court. The ones her legal team did manage to produce were quite questionable even to the eyes common man watching it. The alleged sexual harassment had no medical records to show.
  • The inconsistency of testimony: I have no clue why but every time Miss heard took the stand, the timeline of events kept changing. I understand the pressure of scrutiny this woman must have faced but it does not mean the people will overlook half-cooked stories if there is no evidence to support the claims.
  • The sincerity: Every human who watched the trial could connect with Mr. Depp because he owned up to his mistake and showed no interest in being someone who is holier than thou. He accepted his behavior where it was questionable and gained the trust of people watching the trial live.
  • Both the sister’s testimony: The difference between the testimony of the sisters was pretty gigantic. While one was quite clear with her thoughts and did not let the attorney change the narrative the other one (Whitney) seemed a bit lost. It showed that Mr.Depp’s legal team came prepared and made their clients aware of the expected line of questioning.

When it comes to dirty laundry, one cannot wash it in the open and expect not to get judged by society. The relationship got so toxic and yet it took so much for both of them to get out of it. However, the narrative that is floating around on the net that “It is a setback for many women out there who have experienced domestic abuse” doesn’t fit the bill here. First of all, the case is not about domestic abuse, the whole six weeks of the trial were on defamation.

Second of all. the domestic abuse was not one-sided, verbal or physical. Given all the pieces of evidence that were provided, one can clearly see that Mr. Depp was not the aggressor or the initiator in many of those flights.

What do you think about this case? Do you agree with the verdict?

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Reader Comments

  1. I think both of them got a lot of PR for this and that was the intention behind all this. Also watching a love proceeding was something very odd for me. It was made to look like entertainment and drama

  2. I do agree with the vedict. I also agree with all your points that you have mentioned here. Infact I liked that you have explained the whole case and cleared the fog of misunderstanding egarding the same. wonderful post

  3. I think it is a balanced verdict. Both the parties are equally responsible. And Johnny Depp achieved what he started out to do. To prove that victims of domestic violence are not always women.

  4. Honestly I feel like this case has occupied too much of the public’s time. I do feel that Amber was trying to extort him and I hate that everyone is placing the cause of women on her shoulder’s – some victims are victims but sometimes women also play the law in their favour

  5. wow Kavita, you seem to have followed the news quite literally. I don’t know the courtroom facts etc but I know the gist and from that alone I agree with you, Johnny’s side was more genuine. n also, toxic relationships are very damaging… the best thing to do is separate n move on.

  6. I completely agree with he verdict. Both the parties were responsible for the toxic relation but Amber made false statements. I myself have come across matters where women have abused men but in India it is very difficult to get a favorable judgement for the men.

  7. I don’t know about this case. But after reading your case study I agree on the verdict. Toxic relationship is not maintain by one side. Both are equally responsible for this.

  8. I had followed the case throughout. I agree with the verdict but I too believe that both were responsible. Both are toxic for each other. Often in a relationship we meet people who brings out the worst in us that happened in case of Johnny Depp. Amber Heard brought out the worst in him which his other partners didn’t. Ms. Heard also made up some stories which did not corroborate. But I’m happy that Johnny got to speak. And just like Depps best friend even I’ll say the same, both should move on and heal.

  9. Well what I hate about such cases is that if u don’t have n evidence you can’t justify urself because of which sometimes an innocent soul becomes a victim.

  10. I haven’t seen much on this case except that the case was live. It helped me to know the case in detail. I think in court evidences matter.

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