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A Thriller Novel You Should Not Miss- The Dragnet #Book Review

A Thriller Novel You Should Not Miss- The Dragnet #Book Review

Book Review

There is nothing more satisfying than the adrenaline rush you get while reading well-written thriller novels. Thriller and mysteries never fail to give you an extra dose of excitement and binge-worthy content which is definitely something we all need during these lockdown days.

I have been on an experimentation mode with different genres of books and also, have been reading Indian debut authors from the last couple of months. One has to be brave enough to read debut authors, not to mince my words, few really tested my patience. Then there were few which are absolute gems and I will be sharing my love for them with you all.

Author: Bhaskar Thakuria
Genre: Dark Mystery Thriller

I have read four books of different Indian Authors in the last month and this one, by far is my favorite. ✅

This book is the author’s debut novel and contrary to my previous experiences of reading debut novels, this one had me hooked from the first page itself.?

A well written and grappling story that keeps you hooked till the last page. ✍️ The blurb of the book is so interesting that you won’t be able to resist it if you are a fan of thriller novels.? I love how even the smallest detail of every scene has been paid attention to while narrating the story. One feels like a part of the story as each character develops in different chapters.?

The lead character of the story, Alexis who works as a librarian, is a womanizer. The man with his intellectual charm, wits and not to miss a multitude of casual relationships is a perfect fit for being a Casanova (why do these men in novels are so interesting??). The story starts with him meeting a girl at university. He planned to leave all his affairs behind and to be friends with that girl.

She dies leaving her only unfinished novel to him and that’s when the story begins to blow my mind with twists and turns. I don’t want to write more about the story just to restrain myself from giving away any spoilers. ?

The book does justice to its genre of being a dark mystery thriller. Please read it and I promise it will be a topic of discussion for a really long time in your book-loving group. ?How beautifully the author has played with words and manages to challenge your intellect, can only be understood by the ones who genuinely enjoy this genre.⚠️

I absolutely, recommend it! ♥️

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Reader Comments

  1. The Dragnet by Bhaskar Thakuria surely looks a good thriller read to me. As you said the way plot has been put in words by author is good, I would love to give it a read too.

  2. your review has me intrigued! so the story starts after she dies and leaves a half-written story! now i am wondering what are the twists here! definitely going to check this out. i also liked the name of the book 🙂

  3. I agree with you the adrenaline rush one gets while reading a well-written thriller is unmatched. But it’s really hard to find an exceptional thriller book nowadays. The dragnet sounds interesting, will check it out.

  4. This is my genre, I love reading mysteries and thrillers. However, honestly, none of the Indian authors fit my choice under this category. I am more of a Dan Brown and Sydney fan, but this definitely looks enticing. Will try out soon, thanks for an interesting review.

  5. That’s a really strong recommendation for a book! I love the mystery thriller genre and this sounds promising. Would have loved to know a bit more about the plot, but it seems that might have given out spoilers.

  6. A great review there. Except for the Casanova bit, the mystery part gives me goosebumps. I am not into thrillers for sure after living alone since s many years now. At one point I used to read so many thrillers and not put it down until I finished. Life is such!

  7. A dark mystery thriller with a Casanova protagonist, this book checks all the right points for me. Would love to give this a read. Thanks for the recommendation!

  8. It’s been a while that I’ve read a mystery and thriller book. Its was my fav genre in collage days n den i shifted to more of historical fiction books. The story line seems gripping and interesting and a good book for me to get back to the genre of thriller

  9. I really love thriller stories and this seems so interesting…one thing which caught up my eyes is the book cover!! Thanks for recommending !!

  10. it’s been really long I have not read a mystery book.. I think this will be a good restart to read books with thriller niche.. thanks for sharing your thoughts on it

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