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An open letter to Delhi….

An open letter to Delhi….

Oh, Delhi! There is so much to tell, so much to write…..


Some say you are too loud, I agree, after all, to run away from our inner demons we need something that loud that can bring us back to be human again…

Some say you are getting too crowded, I agree, after all, you are a dream or a home to many of us who are from small town and who dare to dream big….

Delhi, the capital of the world’s largest democracy! My relationship with you has been a roller coaster ride. We have known each other for more than a decade now. You stood strong with me on the days when I wanted to run away from everyone I knew. You gave me hope when there was none and I was on the verge of a breakdown.

Dear Delhi, no matter what people say about you, I know that you have always been my strongest support system to bring me back on my toes. I tried to move to another city but the warmth I felt in your arms, is incomparable. From night life of Hauz Khas to the shops of Sarojini Nagar, I am a fan of all.

For me living here is a one big therapy session, you meet with people and they bring the best or worst in you. I am really proud of your exceptional history and glorious monuments.

I cannot end this letter without talking about the Food you offer…

You are a home to many and which is why there is just so much drool-worthy food. Kebabs, Gol Gappa, chicken, momos, parathas, chat…..the list is endless. You never disappoint anyone when it comes to scrumptious food.


Delhi is India’s brash, restless, gossipy melting pot. There are a thousand different species of the ‘Dilliwalla,’ well beyond the obvious stereotypes, and it is, of course, them who really make the city worth living in. Even the ones who wear sunglasses indoors. – The wall street journal



I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words #6. This blog (Day 5) is written for 6th Write Tribe Festival Of Words – #WTFOW hosted by Write tribe. This Festival involves writing on 7 days on 7 different prompts.

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Reader Comments

  1. I have this amazing love hate relationship with Gurgaon wherein I hate some aspects of it while I love few other aspects… But I definitely want to be instrumental in changing the aspects I am not happy about as a citizen. Loved reading the post!

  2. Your post made me re-think what happened to my love for Delhi? Maybe because I don’t live there anymore but in Gurugram. I started labelling the entire NCR as the brash, loud, querulous Delhi.
    I’ve lived in Gurugram for 8 years now and share a love and hate relationship with this place. Can’t wait to get out and live in another city.
    I lived in Delhi during my college days and also worked there. That Delhi I truly loved I realise.

    So much art, culture, and old world charm. The greenery of Lutyens Delhi is incomparable.
    Nice ode to Delhi, Kavita.

  3. Hauz Khas to the shops of Sarojini Nagar, Lajpat Nagar, paratha wala Gali, Chandni chowk.CP, GK I can go on.The 3 and a half years I spent at Delhi was the best.Loved reading this

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