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The Rossogulla Murders by Debeshi Gooptu #BookReview

The Rossogulla Murders by Debeshi Gooptu #BookReview

Hola readers, hope you all staying safe. The new year started on a not-so-happy note as the virus decided to opt for a makeover. We are back in our homes and trying to keep the two little humans entertained and occupied all day long. Other than that I am on a reading spree and this one is my fourth book of the month, quite impressive, isn’t it?

The month seems to be a month of “Murder Mystery/Suspense” kind of a genre. Here is my review of the book that I finished last night at 3:00 a.m.

Genre: Fiction, Murder Mystery/Suspense
Author: @debeshi_gooptu
Available on: Amazon I Flipkart
Retails for: 200/- (Kindle version)

I finished this book last night and gave in to my midnight sugar cravings too. The book does that to you, take my word for this. The author definitely is a foodie and each chapter of the book introduces you to a new delicacy from Kolkata. No, it’s not a recipe book but would leave you craving for food, for sure.

Mrinalini Sen, the protagonist of the story is a woman who loves food and her friends, equally. This is why when Dolly Luthra, her ex-neighbor, asked for her help, she couldn’t say no.  She is a married woman who came to stay with her parents for a while in Kolkata. The plot of the story begins when Dolly invited Mirnalini to the upcoming party which is held by her Brother in law.

Someone drops dead at that party and all clues point right at Dolly. Even though she has no connection with the person and has never seen the person before, still she wants to come clean even when her hands are not dirty from any angle. This forces them to play the role of detectives, and how that turns out at the end is what the book is about.

What did I love about this book?

The story is woven with such plot twists that it would not only keep you hooked but also test your “Inner-Byomkesh-Bakshi” mode. There are two things from the book which are my absolute favorite. One, the minute details were paid attention to while writing scenes of specific places second, the story between the inspector and Mrinalini sen, the protagonist. It isn’t a conventional love story or any love story for that matter, yet there is something that will garner your attention.

Looking at Kolkata from the author’s writing was beautiful. The writing was flawless and the story was moving at a good pace. “The Rossogulla murders” is definitely going to be on my recommendation list for my reader friends 🙂

What I did not love about the book?

To be honest, I would have loved to read a little bit more about Mrilanini and Dolly Luthra, and their friendship. Why would someone agree to go to such heights and beyond for helping someone who was just a neighbor?

This review is powered by Blogchatter Book Review Program. It’s a light read and keeps you hooked till the last page. You can purchase this book from AMAZON

If you love reading murder mysteries then do give this a read. I don’t say this for many Indian authors ( to be honest, haven’t read many and the ones I have read, well, left a bad taste in my brain) but this author will surely make you pick up her next book with her way of writing.

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Reader Comments

  1. Murder mystery is always good to read and if it has relatable characters then surely we are hooked to it. Shall take your suggest and add it in the light read section.

  2. The book looks so thrilling and so amazing and I really want to read this book I am going to go and buy it right now and loved your review of the book

  3. Murder mysteries are my absolute favorites and this one hit the right chord. I like reading light and fast-paced stories. And, from your review, I felt it’s something that would definitely interest me. So, adding it to my cart now. Thanks for the recommendation.

  4. Discovering Kolkatta through food is a reason enough for me to pick any book … Request to author ” plz, don’t relate Rasgulla with murder “, Sweetness with blood just give a strange feeling 🙂

  5. Looks to be a great read with so many twists in Mrinalini’s story. The title of the book itself is like a unique juxtapose which is further intriguing.

  6. Though I did not like to read murder mystery genera books but your review about this book has made me curious to know more about it. I really loved the name of book. it is unique and good enough to raise the curiosity of readers.

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