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My Pregnancy Made Our Bond Stronger….Mom And Me!

My Pregnancy Made Our Bond Stronger….Mom And Me!

I decided to be at my mom’s place for my delivery and reached there in my second trimester of pregnancy. This time my equation with mom was different. The day I got to know that a little life was growing inside me, something changed within. I swear it was as if my perspective of looking at things changed overnight. There were so many emotions that it made me feel queasy.

Remember how your mother kept pestering you to do a few things when you were in your teens and you couldn’t get along with your mum, no matter what. Well, that was me. I moved to a different city in my early twenties and until then, I never really had any serious heart to heart talk with mom.

I think our bond got stronger than ever during this long stay at my mom’s place. Since our school days, mom has followed few things religiously and made sure that I followed them too.

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  1. Nice. Simple yet beautifully written post. Pregnancy is a special phase which strengthens many bonds. One of them is mom-daughter bond. We get to understand our mom more as we enter into the motherhood journey which starts from nurturing a tiny human being inside us.

  2. My bond with my mom got stronger after I had my own child. I understood why she stopped my from doing some things. And what she meant when she said you will learn a lesson when you grow up 🙂

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