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Mom Of A Toddler… Things You Might Relate To…

Mom Of A Toddler… Things You Might Relate To…


People often ask me what has changed since I joined the “Mom-tribe”. My little one is a toddler now and there are a zillion of things that I could tell you about her every-day activities which melt my heart. Expressing the meaning and feeling of being a mom through words would be an intricate task, but there are few visible changes for sure to be noticed in our daily life. Along with our growing kids, we as a mom learn to be a better individual too.

Well, to be honest, this post is about the changes once can easily notice in any mom’s life that has a toddler to look after. I have tried to jot down the changes that I think I have noticed by being a mommy of an adorable toddler and hopefully all moms could relate to it. Feel free to add more points in the comment section:

Youtube page or a search list looks like a promotional page of kindergarten rhymes:

One upon a time my youtube feed was filled with fashion, clothing and new released songs videos. Well, my youtube list is still full with videos, just the content has changed. Offline videos of rhymes on youtube are a life saver for me. If there is one thing in the world that can keep my little one’s bum at one place for 10 minutes straight, it is You-tube.

Chef in the making, recipes for fussy eaters aka. your toddler:

Half of my time on the internet I keep on checking the recipes for a fussy eater. From protein to nutrients everything should be included in the meal. Sometimes, I feel like a scientist in the kitchen first trying to invent a dish that goes to my baby’s mouth instead of floor, tables, clothes, and walls and then trying to invent techniques or liquid solutions to clean those things.

Tons of hair accessories and matching footwear (Guilty as charged)

We might look like tired mombie (Yup! that’s a word) but our babies are always ready to walk on a ramp anytime. I am sure almost every drawer or cupboard of my house has tons of hair accessories.

Shopping for ourselves turns into shopping fiesta for little one:

No trip to shopping complex goes by without buying something for our little ones. I try to ignore as much as I can while walking past the kids clothing zone, however no use. Every dress, footwear and hair accessory looks just too adorable to not to buy. I am pretty sure, these tiny little clothes with vibrant colors are all sort of magnets to pull mommas wallets.

Laughter attack:

Their laughter is addictive, once you see them going into hysterical laughter zone be prepared to laugh uncontrollably with them. Their smile can brighten up your dull day in a jiffy (and sometimes it is vice versa…your happy day may turn into toddler tantrum day). We never know when and what these little devils find funny and start giggling about.

Just before the nap time, gather all the energy you have:

Just before their nap time, they are filled with all the energy in the world. Almost an hour before her nap time we try to keep the atmosphere calm and quiet and she thinks it is a challenge for her.  She turns into this hyperactive monkey in that time and make sure we all are exhausted before we hit the bed (who need to exercise after dinner, if you have a toddler at home)

There are many other points that I could write and it still won’t be enough. Though, for me around this phase of her childhood, I think I finally understand the meaning of motherly instinct. I can tell you a difference between the silence when she is making a mess or deleting something from my phone. One look at her face and I could tell you that tantrum is on its way. I wrote about toddler tantrum in one of my previous post as well, to read click here.

Happy Parenting Mommas!


Mom of a beautiful and most adorable baby girl. I am a dreamer and a true optimist with a drop of crazy at heart. I have always been fascinated with the perpetual link of a pen and a heart. It amazes me how beautifully pen can write what heart truly believes. I am a stubborn daughter, pampered wife, doting mother and free-spirited human being. Do not forget to visit and

Reader Comments

  1. I can so relate to this one…especially the last part…Just before the nap time, gather all the energy you have….God knows from where do they get that!!!!

  2. Indeed life and priorities changed after being a mommy and so our outlook and reliving those moments makes our day. thanks for sharing your mommy tales

  3. I almost ALWAYS end up buying something for my little one whenever we go shopping. It is kind of ridiculous. Even today we took a trip to Costco and came away with a little toy push mower! Totally hit the nail on the head with that one.

  4. YES! I agree with the shopping fiesta! This happens all the time (we are out more often than I realize), and he always has something new. And what is it what the surge of energy right before we all have to go to bed?? I’d like some of that when I walk into the office!

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