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Few Easy Tips On How To Find A Perfect Necklace

Few Easy Tips On How To Find A Perfect Necklace

A girl can never have enough jewelry! Finding the right piece of jewelry is not an easy task. A perfect jewelry teamed up with a right apparel can make you stand out in the crowd. Festivals, weddings, parties are just a few reasons to increase for me to go shopping and add on to my jewelry collection.

I am an ardent fan of beautiful necklaces and often put it on for various occasion. A right choice of a necklace is an effective way to frame your face and augment any outfit. There are unlimited ways on how you can wear them because there are tons of styles, colors, and designs that can easily allow you to express yourself. Here are few easy tips on how to find a perfect necklace for your next party:

Choose the right length

Keeping your outfit in mind, select the length of your necklace. Necklace silhouette should be in accordance with a neckline. If you want your necklace to sit at the neck, but with a looser fit, consider purchasing a choker or a chain. A pendant chain style necklace looks light yet real & elegant for any function. Length of a necklace matters a lot. Multi-layered necklaces are great to be worn for casual, trendy or dressy outfits.

Play with colors

A necklace studded with multi-colored stones is a great choice for an Indian or western outfit. Colors in a necklace add a pop to the overall look. Yellow gold jewelry will never go out of fashion and it creates a perfect look for any occasion. You can never go wrong with an elegant silver jewelry in a cocktail party or a light evening function. Choosing the right colors of jewelry can make or break your style.

Quality of the jewelry

Before spending money on buying any jewelry make sure to check its quality. Wear it and see it doesn’t have any sharp edges that might hurt you. Check the material used and if it suits your skin. The devil is in the detail and people always appreciate anyone who pays attention to details. Never shop in a hurry when it comes to buying jewelry.

Be comfortable

This is the most important point to pay attention too. No matter what you wear and how pretty it looks, if you are not comfortable with it then it is not going to create the magic you are looking forward to. A thorough planning and careful selection are much needed in finding that perfect piece of jewelry for you.

It is important to make sure it is not overdone. Too much of mismatched, loud or colorful jeweler can ruin the look. Decide what you want to wear and which jewelry would go best with it. Hope this list will help you pick the best necklaces and make you the star of the event.


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Reader Comments

  1. Being comfortable in what we wear is always important. Very well written on things to be considered while purchasing jewellery

  2. Some really amazing and helpful tips for selecting the jewellery ,. Loved the length and not over the board part ..

  3. Thanks for sharing. I will keep these tips in mind whenever buying jewellery next. Color of the jewellery is very important and I am a fan of gold, Kundan and pearl jewellery .. They look very elegant ..

  4. Jewellery shopping for wedding or spl occasions definitely needs a lot of thought. I agree length of necklaces is important and depends on the outfit one is wearing along with shape of face and personal preference

  5. These are some basic but very important points. Sometimes seeing so many beautiful pieces, we get carried away but with the points you mentioned it becomes easy to decide what to buy, wear and make special occasions memorable. thanks for the tips.

  6. Jewelry needs careful thought, Quality and what suits me is top in my mind while choosing my favorites.Great tips.

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