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Rags to Quilts #Product Review

Rags to Quilts #Product Review

I get emotionally attached to not only people but things as well. I know it sounds funny but that’s true, from the first dress my baby wore to my first saree which mom gifted, everything is close to my heart. These clothes keep me connected to the happy times of my life and memories that I will cherish forever.

I gave away many clothes to needy but few we just could not let go. The vicious circle of storing old clothes that I love and buying new clothes kept increasing the pile of clothes at my place. Storage of clothes is another trouble because clearly, you won’t wear them but your emotional attachment would not let you give it to someone else as well. Result pile of clothes that no one would wear.

While looking for ways to keep these clothes safe, I got the opportunity collaborate with the brand called Rags to Quilt.


Do you know the term Upcycle and how it can help you in keeping those memories intact?

Upcycling is the process of creating something new and better from old items. In comparison to reusing or recycling, upcycling uses existing materials to improve the original ones. The process requires some amount of creativity and vision, as well as a foundation of thriftiness and environmental consciousness.

The result is a product or item that is exclusive, handmade, and sustainable. For instance, reusing or recycling worn dresses could mean that you use them as cleaning rags; upcycling would mean that you recreate the dresses into a handmade, unique braided rug or a quilt or a bag.

Rags To Quilts was born out of this theory that no fabric is a waste. ‘Upcycling ‘one of our strongest areas of functioning, apart from various fabric-based products that we make like bags, toys, play mats etc.

Play mat

A Note from the founder and designer of the Brand:

Nearly five years ago, I made a commitment to not buy a quilt for my daughter from a very plush baby store. What started as a practical challenge to stop buying over- budgeted things and over-spending on something so simple became a more philosophical one. I began to ask more questions about why baby quilts would cost so much how is it made, what is its purpose etc.and came up with simple solutions as I progressed in my work and research.

I would pass by small huts of building workers whose clothing lines would have the most beautiful quilts for drying. After meeting them and understanding the process behind making these traditional Indian quilts, I realized this was upcycling at the ground level. They work magic with no specialized equipment, even a scissor is not needed! With just a pile of old clothes, a bundle of strong thread and a sharp long needle they handmade wonders.

From then onwards it’s been my passion, mission, and work to make people aware of what can be done with fabrics that are for discard. Hygiene is very important, we take clothes which have been discarded for small fit or bored of wearing, maybe a small tear etc. Wash them thoroughly, dry them iron them and then cut them into desired shapes and make new stuff. We also collect scraps from tailors who collect them after their stitching is done and make scrap quilts. Old sarees, baby clothes can be made into memory quilts which could be passed down generations.

Making an appeal to all the readers for being Minimal on clothes purchasing and thinking of what could be made out of your old pile of clothes.

-Bishakha Raviraj

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Mom of a beautiful and most adorable baby girl. I am a dreamer and a true optimist with a drop of crazy at heart. I have always been fascinated with the perpetual link of a pen and a heart. It amazes me how beautifully pen can write what heart truly believes. I am a stubborn daughter, pampered wife, doting mother and free-spirited human being. Do not forget to visit and

Reader Comments

  1. I love this concept of upcycling to keep memories intact and yes I totally agree, one should be minimalist while buying cloths. Great initiative by founder of this company.

  2. Such a beautiful
    Concept in the age where being minimalist is the need of our but we end up buying so much out of love and options available .. and best way to preserve memories and pass on to generations

  3. Its a lovely concept. I wanted to make a quilt out of my sons clothes so have kept some of them . But never got the time to actually get it done. Will definitely connect with the founder and designer soon

  4. It is a lovely idea.. traditionally this how it was done n is still done in villages.. the quilt looks lovely.

  5. The quilt looks super cute and yes using old clothes, scraps and making quilts, throw is a very good idea. It reminds me of the quilts my grandma used to make from her old sarees. My mom also gave few quilts for my kids made out of old scraps.. one thing I like in these is since they are not brand new so they are soft.

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