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Goagram- Misadventures of an influencers by Bina Nayak

Goagram- Misadventures of an influencers by Bina Nayak

Dear readers, I hope your weekend was relaxing and the new month brings beautiful changes to your life. The last weekend was hectic, but it filled our hearts with love and beautiful memories. Our parents and extended family members were here to celebrate the festivities with us. The last ten days went by in the blink of an eye amidst laughter, binge eating, and gossip sessions around the clock.

I read this book last month but somehow the review kept getting delayed. Amidst the preparation of festivities and a house full of guests, this took a back seat. We are back on the writing spree and participating in a month-long writing challenge organized by Blogchatter.

Book Name: Goagram

Author: Bina Nayak

Genre: Fiction
Introduction of the author

Bina’s first novel was made into a movie and had a theatrical release as “Starfish” in November’2023. She is an independent graphic designer and a communication specialist with 29+ years of experience in the Advertising & Media industry. She has also won many awards and has been a LIA (London International Awards) finalist. Goagram is her second novel and is available on Amazon, Flipkart, and several bookstore chains.


Goagram is the story of Maddie, a girl who has decided to live life on her terms. She is determined to build her career in the fashion industry and become an influencer to find the right audience for her craft. The story is divided into three parts, in the first one readers are introduced to the protagonist’s life. The second part focuses more on the serenity of Goa and its culture. In the final part, Maddie’s quest to find herself amidst the mishaps of life takes place.

From the blub: “A place in the sun … comes at a cost, sometimes! Mesmerized by the world of social media influencing and its quick fix for fame, Madhur Chopra aka Maddie, escapes from COVID-infested Delhi to tranquil Goa, which provides the perfect backdrop for her vlogs. Armed with dreams of becoming a famous fashion influencer, she ends up in Casa Coutinho-a crumbling but glorious Goan mansion-and strikes an unlikely friendship with the landlady.

A spirited tale of resilience and reinvention, Goagram takes you behind the scenes to reveal the pain and the goop behind the pouts and glitter on screen.”

Review of the Story/Plot and characters

Let me start with what I loved in this novel, the rawness of the story and strong female characters. Maddie was a relatable character and many of us would find a handful of similarities with this character. Being from a small town she fought for her space in the industry and had seen the best of both worlds.  The landlady was an interestingly familiar character too. The story also mentions mental health and the struggles one goes through fighting the challenges every day. The ups and downs of social media and its impact on real life. The beautiful illustrations and the scenic beauty of Goa life were something that I loved. It was an interesting read, to say the least.

For me, the story didn’t work as well as I was hoping for. It had loose ends and I wanted more from the author when it comes to dealing with the mental health of an artist/influencer. The characters were relatable but the story was lacking and a few sensitive topics discussed here needed more depth.

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