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Born A Crime By Trevor Noah #Bookreview

Born A Crime By Trevor Noah #Bookreview

#Bookreview Born a Crime by Tervor Noah


Book: Born a Crime
Author: Trevor Noah
Genre: Autobiography

Trevor Noah is a well-known name now, especially for the people who enjoy good stand-up comedy. He is funny, good looking (dimples are hot, right?), well-read, and an absolutely brilliant host.

He has a couple of Netflix original stand-ups too and each one is worth a watch to tickle your funny bone. As I have already mentioned in many posts before that each book which I pick-up always has a little background story (in the pre-lockdown era picking up any random book from Daryaganj in Delhi use to be my forte too….oh well).

I bought this one from the Book world fair last year. As I looked through the sea of books in that stall, this one particularly grabbed my attention with its book cover. I remembered a story of his mother being shot and he made a whole set of stand-up around it.  It is unbelievably difficult to understand the emotional maturity one has to go through to make people laugh with the stories they most struggled with.

While reading a book, randomly laughing or being teary-eyed is quite natural for me. My family members have understood this and made their peace with this mama’s immensely-unbalanced-emotional-quotient.


This book is packed with some really hilarious experiences of his childhood and then there are some which will bring you back to reality with a jolt. He is not only a good orator but a fabulous author too.  The autobiography of The Daily Show host Trevor Noah, intrigued me even before I got to the first chapter.

“For my mother. My first fan. Thank you for making me a man,” This is the first line I read on the dedication page and I knew that this is going to be an interesting read.

The book is filled with such funny exchanges between mother and son. Noah was born in 1984, literally the product of a crime, when apartheid’s anti-miscegenation laws made the interracial relationship of his black Xhosa mother and white Swiss-German father illegal. Throughout the book,  he beautifully reveals many examples of his mother’s stubborn determination to prevent apartheid from suffocating her free spirit.

Humor became a survival mechanism for both her and her son. Trevor writes “If my mother had one goal, it was to free my mind,” and it instantly connects with a mother in me. His flawless storytelling skills are one of the many reasons I have read this book twice and would definitely recommend it to others,

The zeal to not give up, finding the grey zone when differentiating between right and wrong becomes morally impossible, a constant battle of faith, witnessing our world crumbled down, right in front of us and then that hope which never dies.

One of my favorite books of this year. Don’t miss it.


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Reader Comments

  1. Kavita I love the way you review books. your reviews are not just about the title and the story in the book but also about the author’s perspective and your own Belief in book I will definitely pick this one on your recommendation

  2. Very nicely reviewed Kavita. It seems an interesting one to read. “Thank you for making me man”, this initial lines which you mentioned from the book, stole my heart. It would be worth read, thank you for the honest review.

  3. I really want to give this book a try as it really seems so interesting!! Thanks for the honest review!!

  4. The tag line of the book and cover page would make me take up this book. I am surely interested in reading the anecdotes from his childhood days.

  5. I have watched Trevor’s Stand up comedy specials on Netflix after my husband suggested me to watch it, Can’t agree more on it as I became a fan of his humorous style, but never read the book will surely check this out.

  6. I love the fact that this book has a plot of using humor as a servival mechanism. This is a need of today’s stressful situations, will explore more about it for sure. Thanks for sharing detail review.

  7. I already am a Trevor Noah Fan and I am glad that this book authored by him does not let his fans down .I love reading about other cultures as I find it an enriching experience.

  8. This seems a good read and the first line..“For my mother. My first fan. Thank you for making me a man,” is heart stealing. Sometimes, when I am alone, I read a book loud and yes, I also get emotional in that process. But I feel, thats what make the read valuable. Isn’t it?

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