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#Book Review Entrrupted-A Corporate Thriller by Devarajan Venkat

#Book Review Entrrupted-A Corporate Thriller by Devarajan Venkat

Book review- Entruppted- a corporate thriller

 I received this book a couple of weeks back, although it is a bit different (not a fan of corporate thrillers per se) from the kind of genre I pick, I did enjoy reading it.

About the author: Devarajan Venkat

The author was born in Kerala but grew up in Mumbai in a Tam Bram family. Academic pursuits and corporate rat race consumed the first innings of his life. He launched his second innings with a debut novel Entruppted which is a fictional account of non-fictional experiences. (Source:


Book Review:

This was my last weekend read, a bit different from the genre that I usually read but nonetheless quite interesting.
The author’s debut novel entrruppted gets a mixed reaction from me. Anyone who has ever worked in a corporate world would relate with the twists and turns this book takes. The characters in the book have been written smartly and till the last page, you would find it difficult to declare the villain of the story.

Each character dangles in the grey zone, neither a villain nor a hero and traits they portray seems to a connection with the reader at some point or the other. The story keeps you hooked by switching between flashbacks and current situations. The female protagonist, Radhika Narayan, is a strong-headed woman who is balancing home and work simultaneously. Each character of the book was fighting their own battle and we’re ready to win at any given cost.

“Everyone is a hunter in this corporate Jungle, A grey jungle where the hunter may not be the winner and the hunted need not to be the looser. So, who is the culprit?”

I took time to connect with the characters as the story progressed, initially, I was a bit lost with too many stories running all together along with flashbacks or current situations. I have a feeling that non-corporate people would find themselves reaching for a dictionary sometimes to understand the jargon. At some places, because of the short timeline of the story, it does get a tad bit confusing to co-relate the characters.

Reading this book felt like a script somehow (maybe that’s just me). A book like this can easily be turned into a movie or a T.V. series and given the background of the author, it might become true someday. (He is an avid Bollywood buff and has also worked with Balaji Telefilms and Reliance MediaWorks as a CFO.) It is indeed a well-written book to give you a glimpse of a road to the entrepreneurial pinnacle

Buy or Not to Buy:

Well, if you enjoy corporate thriller then give it a read for sure. For me, the ending could have been a bit elaborated. There was too much happening in the corporate jungle and I felt lost among the characters, maybe that’s just me. Nonetheless, it’s a good weekend read to give your brain a little dose of Grey zone of the business world.

Final thoughts:

Given the fact that this was the author’s first novel, it wasn’t a bad read. This book was out of my comfort zone, I am not very keen on reading corporate drama which could be a reason I didn’t enjoy this much. I found this to be a bit confusing as well as the story progressed. The author attempts to humanize all the characters, even the obviously grey ones. I wasn’t very happy with the ending as I was hoping for a bit more elaboration or maybe a different ending.

” You know you’ve read a good book when you turn the last page and feel a little as if you have lost a friend. ” Paul Sweeny

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  1. That’s a really straightforward and honest review, the kind I prefer reading before getting my hands on a new book. I haven’t read a corporate thriller ever and going with your review I would give this book a pass too.

  2. I once read Corporate drama by Nishant Kaushik, it was fun book with drama. Let me try this one as thriller and corporate goes a good combination. Liked your honest review of the book.

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