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3 Resources That Keeps My Sanity Intact #WorkFromHomeMom #writebravely

3 Resources That Keeps My Sanity Intact  #WorkFromHomeMom  #writebravely

Three things that kept me going amidst the screams of my newborn and now the tantrums of my toddler are as follows (not necessarily in the same order)

  • My Electric Tea-maker
  • My Laptop
  • My Earphones

My electric tea maker

It is abused to the extent that now it refuses to make tea at times without a little pampering once in a while. So for pampering, we send it to repair shop where they have advised zillion time to buy a new one which I willfully ignore.

My Laptop

It is not a resource anymore; it is almost a part of my life. I am not exaggerating when I say I am too possessive about it and deny sharing it with anyone. I work from home (or at-least try to work) and my laptop is the lifeline of my work.

My earphones

Yes, this one resource has brought me back to my senses and taken me away from unwanted noises since forever. I care for my earphones more than my jewelry. I use these almost everywhere possible from traveling in a metro to my evening walks.

This blog (Day 2) is written for 6th Write Tribe Festival Of Words – #WTFOW hosted by Write tribe. This Festival involves writing on 7 days on 7 different prompts.

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  1. One thing I religiously make sure I have in hand is my earphone. I actually panic when they are missing or not working. Instant saver from conversations, unwanted interruptions and even people.

  2. Nice post ! Couldn’t agree more on the way you described earphones. They are indeed precious than jewelry. I would certainly loose my mind if i don’t find my earphones in the place i left them…

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