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Moms are fun – Around the Globe! #GuestPost #writetribe

Moms are fun – Around the Globe! #GuestPost #writetribe

Don’t compare yourself with other moms; we all are losing our shit. Some just hide it better.

Internet gave me chance to know about this little secret that mummying around the globe is same. No matter which part of the world you are, motherhood always gives you a reason to smile.

I met with this fabulous mama online Joscelyn Kate. She started blogging because she wanted to be freelancing mumpreneur instead of a corporate drone. Her life is held together by Starbucks and Champagne, with lots of family time in between.

Know a little about this amazing mama:


“I am the wife of an amazing man (seriously, I don’t know how I got so lucky) and the mommy of a gorgeous little girl, who is the number one reason I’ve switched gears. We all live on the East Coast with our cat Jack and spend plenty of time at the beach (sans Jack, of course).”

Want to know about one crazy day in my life, here you go:

“When I was pregnant, I read all the books and all the articles. It was so important to me to do everything “right”. One of the topics frequently covered was helping the father feel included, help him with bonding and making sure he was given something to be an “expert” in. My husband and I agreed that he would be the “expert” diaper changer since I was exclusively breastfeeding and he couldn’t do feedings, (I know, I’m brilliant.) So my husband changed the very first diaper in the hospital and every single, I mean every single one, up until his return to work. I was off for three months and he was off for two weeks, after my delivery.

Since my husband was totally gung-ho about his “expert” diaper changing department, he spoke with the nurses and the pediatrician that visited us in the hospital. He was tracking each diaper change.  He had charts, he looked at pictures, and he knew exactly what everything needed to look like. I, in my tired zombie-like state, didn’t pay much attention to what they talked about or how often the baby had diaper changes or what anything looked like. I just took it as a moment to relax.

Monday morning, my husband’s first day back to work, I was a wreck. I was so nervous to be alone with the baby. I was thinking all about the fact that I wouldn’t have anyone to bring me my granola bar and extra-large water bottle (because breastfeeding makes you thirsty, like trekking through the desert thirsty).  I was worried about what I’d do if I needed to go to the bathroom and she was sleeping or if she spit up and I needed to change my shirt. I had so many worries, but there was one thing I was totally forgetting. My husband left at 7:30 a.m., around 8:00 a.m. my daughter wakes up and it hits me. I’ve never changed a diaper. OMG, I’ve never changed a diaper.

***Long pause***

Ok, I got this, no problem; it’s probably not that hard. So I put her up on the changing table, I undo her zipper pajamas and see the diaper is full. Now my amazing husband has the changing station all set up, wipes, diapers, ointment; everything in arms reaches. I take off her diaper and pull it away, I go to grab some wipes and all of a sudden she starts to poop and I scream, it’s coming out of her bottom like a squirt gun! I literally screamed, “Ah!!”  I grabbed two diapers and a handful of wipes. I’m just holding this pile against her bum. She’s staring up at me peacefully, not a care in the world. I reach for my cell and call my husband at work, “Babe! Babe, I think something is wrong she has like really watery poop, its yellow and has little bumps and it’s really watery and spraying everywhere! Should I call the doctor?! I don’t know what to do!” the tears are welling up in my eyes.

When I hear my husband cracking up on the other end. “That’s what her poop looks like a babe, she’s on a liquid diet.” I was stunned. “This is normal?” **Stunned**. “Yes babe, totally normal.” My face went red; luckily he wasn’t there to see. I don’t feel stupid often but boy did I hate myself in that moment. We said our goodbyes and I can still hear the laughter in his voice as he hangs up.

I look down at my sweet, sweet daughter and she had fallen asleep, in her poop, covered in a pile of diapers and wipes. “

Do not forget to visit her blog and show some loves to this beautiful mama. (Click here)


I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words #6. This blog (Day 6) is written for 6th Write Tribe Festival Of Words – #WTFOW hosted by Write tribe. This Festival involves writing on 7 days on 7 different prompts.

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  1. I think this story is amazing. I was lucky enough to not experience anything like this with my son, but my husband on the other hand, well he was peed on when he changed our son’s diaper one time. It was the most fun thing because he lived out his one fear he had about changing pampers. I had it on video and everything but lost the footage, I was so upset, but I remember it like it was yesterday. My son is going to be nine in two weeks.

  2. Baby poop is the best and worst. It is so gross when you are dealing with it but it makes for the best stories later on.

  3. Awww, that’s awesome! I love that this husband is so involved! Great story to keep and share with baby in a few years.

  4. My husband is also a Dad Hero. He always takes care of the baby in the hospital; changes diapers, swaddles, takes the baby for the bath, etc. These are real men!

  5. Just amazingly you write this funny tale. Cant think about first day without hubby. But still if it comes in my life I am sure can manage. Beacuse nothing is impossible for women?.. You know we are super woman

  6. Loved reading your story and seriously I can’t imagine my life without my husband taking care of our baby specially for the first few weeks. I can totally relate to you as I was very scared how will I manage alone after he joins office .. Buy thankfully all went fine ..:-)

  7. That was the first awkward moment for all new moms. I also went through this. But I was lucky to have my hubby for some urgent help. Later motherhood has taught me more in life so that I could live now with more compassion and empathy in this tough natured world.

  8. Funny for us to read but I understand how Joscelyn must have freaked out . But it was heartening to read about the efforts the dad put in child rearing.

  9. This one was super funny husband had to face such a situation instead ..but yes ..first day without the Dad ..was a disaster for me too ..

  10. This was a super funny and awesome post. I would imagine clearly how it must be looking while she was standing near her baby to change the dia per and her baby pooped. Can’t control my laughter.

  11. Joscelyn is definitely lucky to have a diaper changing expert by her side otherwise dads find this task bit tough.

    Enjoyed reading the post..

  12. See this was really a beautiful posts and loved Joscelyn’s description of the first time she handled diapers. Even I have faced this showery poop situation once and I was all lost on what to do.

  13. Loved this post. Even i was stood wondering what to do whe i had to clean my child’s poop. As you said, all moms are wonderful. We are learning and still more to learn from kids and for kids.

  14. awww that’s such a sweet incident you shared. You husband really must be the expert diaper changer since you didn’t have to worry about it before. Loved reading your story. Hope you are having more fun times with your babe.

  15. The first day without the husband is always a wreck for us all I’m sure! Loved this post!:)

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