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How UberHire Saved our day- A mom’s diary

How UberHire Saved our day- A mom’s diary

We all know that quality time with our family is paramount in building stronger relationships. The kind of busy life we have, it is imperative that we take some time off from daily hustle-bustle and make sure to spend some quality family time together. Family time builds confidence, teaches children about interacting with others, and create wonderful memories that last a lifetime.

Being a working parent I understand, if I can’t be with them for hours upon hours, we try to make the most of our time when we are together. This includes putting down our phone and stepping away from the computer.

In the past week I had been busy with my work responsibilities a bit more than usual and it felt I didn’t get to spend more time with my little one, well, mom guilt took over and I think all the moms can understand how real this mom guilt can get, moreover her schools and other classes are also reopening soon. So, we decided to have a fun outing and spend some quality family time together before we get into the rigmarole of our daily school or office routine.

We got everything ready and planned for the weekend. We made the list of things we wanted to do or visit. My little one was super excited however, our plan was in trouble because our car was still at the service center and they said it’s going to take another couple of days. Now, I got a little worried, I didn’t want to break the heart of my daughter as she was already selecting the dress she wants to wear when we go out.

I remembered a conversation with a friend I had last week wherein she mentioned about UBER HIRE. I immediately opened the app, swiped over to UBER HIRE, selected the location, and voila, our cab was ready to arrive at our doorstep.

We had to pick up a few dresses for my little one as Raksha- Bandhan is approaching and also my little one wanted to have a donut! Well, we followed the orders because it’s a day of pampering and demands for this minion.

After picking up a few things for her, we headed for our next destination, a beautiful park for a small picnic we had planned. There is nothing better in this world than looking at your baby happy and enjoying her childhood the best.

Uber Hire uncomplicates your chores by giving you the option to keep the same car for as long you want. There’s no better way to turn your to-do list into an all-done list. Get groceries, drop the kids off, go to the bank; your Uber Hire is yours to keep.


I had used Uber before but this was my first time with UBER HIRE. Few things that I absolutely loved about this service are

  • User-friendly application, anyone can easily download the app from play store on their phone and book an Uber Hire in a jiffy.
  • Stop as many times as you want, for however long you want. Fares are calculated when you enter the car, only for the duration of the trip without any dynamic pricing.
  • No Pre-Booking Required

I am so happy that we chose to go for UBER HIRE and it helped us in bringing a smile on my daughter’s face. For more details, you can visit UBER HIRE.


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  1. With traffic woes and parking troubles , my husband has stopped driving long distances and instead use uberhire so we can talk in peace or even work in that time. Its a really convinient solution.

  2. I am a regular user of cab services but didnt know about uber Hire. this is so good for road trip lovers like me. It looks super easy to use.

  3. Uber Hire is for sure a great saviour for all of us…I am sure you would have enjoyed the complete family time. I recommend Uber Hire to everyone for sure..

  4. We are Uber loving family I must say, more so because we love to travel and Uber hire is one of the best choices. Great that it saved your day and you could have a perfect family outing.

  5. UberHire is a life saver. Sometimes you don’t want to drive so UberHire comes as a handy option. You don’t have to worry about parking etc. Just enjoy family time. And yes, I agree with you on Mom guilt.

  6. I use Uber frequently but havent used Uber Hire. I think it is perfect when you need a cab for long hours and with multiple stops. Will check it out! Glad that you and your family had a great time shopping and bonding while on the go!

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