5 Reasons Why You Should You Be Selfish

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One can be either a people-pleaser or a self-pleaser. Finding a balance between the two requires special skills, however, I believe, there is nothing wrong with being a self-pleaser. I, in all honesty, am one. I am not saying that you disrespect others or their choices but give a fair amount of time to your own choices and dreams. Be Selfish. We have got one life and so many things to do then why restrict ourselves and kill your dreams for others.

We, women, have these motherly instincts which make us believe that everyone should be happy with us. Even if that makes us uncomfortable. Somehow, I have always been the selfish one (I don’t regret it even a bit). I love myself and my happiness over anything in the world, maybe that’s why I never regret any decision of my life, even the wrong ones (if nothing else, it gave me an experience).

Here are five reasons why I think being selfish is okay, keep your happiness first and rest will follow:

  • My wrong or right is mineno one to blame

Being selfish gives me a freedom to choose my own battles and prepare my strategies. If I fail, I take it as an experience or a lesson and if I succeed that’s a feather in my cap. There is absolutely no scope for blaming my failure on someone else and same goes for the success in my life. The feel of resentment is minimal or nil because we do not over-give ourselves or our time to others

  • A sense of fulfillment

Being selfish means you are giving time to yourself and as a result, you feel more fulfilled health wise and emotionally too. Keep others happiness in mind but do not sacrifice yours to make others happy. Giving your body and emotions gives you a positivity in life and a reason to make your life more beautiful. Take few minutes out of your schedule to make sure you enjoy your “Me-time”, relax or distress and get rejuvenated.

  • Don’t leave your life in an autopilot mode

We will see what happens next or let it be, it will fall into its place is not a way to live your life. You are the creator of your own destiny. Hold the life with its horn and take it into a direction you want to go. When I make a specific effort to put myself first on my list of priorities, I am trying to live a more mindful life. The practice of making sure your own needs are met requires actually identifying and taking stock of your own needs (both physical and emotional).

  • Self-confidence is a bonus

Once you become aware of your own happiness and starts working towards it, you automatically start gaining self-confidence. Being selfish doesn’t mean that you start ignoring others, however, it definitely doesn’t imply that you live your life on others term. We gain self-confidence when we learn from our mistakes and know that we are prepared for what is coming next. After putting us on a priority list We will set ourselves up to spend more time feeling good and confident, and less time feeling burnt out and incapable of achievement.

  • Be selfish and give a purpose to your life

If your purpose in life is to make others happy and live a life that doesn’t keep your choice of things in line then, my friend, you need an intervention. When was the last time you too that solo trip you always secretly wished?  Do you remember when was the last time you wore that you always wanted but dint because “log kya kahenge”? When was the last time you decide to follow your hobby because you never had time to do that? If your answer is “I don’t remember” then this blog is a wakeup call for you.

Give yourself more of the things you need to be happy and cut down on those self-sacrificing outlays of your valuable energy. The idea is very simple. The happier, healthier, and more self-fulfilled you are, the more you will have to give to the causes and people who matter the most to you.

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