Breastfeeding – My Struggle And Win

Woman breastfeeding a baby

Someone has so aptly said it that Life happens when you are making plans. I was all prepared and ready for the normal delivery and how I am going to breastfeed my baby since day one till she will be about 2 or 3 years old. I knew as I read that the milk of each mother is the perfect food for her baby. It contains all the nutritional principles required for growth up to 6 months of age and is recommended by the WHO* even after weaning.

Life had other plans and due to some unavoidable circumstances, I had to go through C-sec. I was about 90 KGs during my last month of pregnancy and after C-sec I had too much trouble sitting up for almost 10 days. The hospital that I chose for delivery did not have any lactation consultant and I did not realize how much difference it would mean. To read more click here.

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  1. A tight hug for all the efforts you had put in making things happen. Only a mother can do this. Well, even I had to express milk as I had joined work after 5 months of delivery. In fact, I recently got to know that it’s very important to feed the child in 1st hr of the birth. So there are many such things we get to know as we grow in the journey. But I am sure there are many new mums who can use this posts for good. Very nice posts Kavita.

  2. Must have been a great experience I’m sure. The key to a happy breastfeeding experience is to never give up

  3. Breastfeeding is definitely the best for our babies! And, this bond begins as soon as we give a ur first feed to our child! 🙂
    Now that you say, even I didn’t have any lactation consultant:/ we had to figure it out ourselves!

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