My Treasure… which keeps getting better and better! #writebravely

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 “There is more treasures in books than in all pirate’s loot on reassure Island” –Walt Disney

The reading bug bit me quite late in my life. I started reading books other than the text books in my early twenties. The first book that I read was of Sidney Sheldon’s and for which I am forever thankful to my friend (Read: Best friend forever). Female protagonists in author’s books left an impact and imprint on my mind that brought my attention to the transcendent world of books.

My Book Collection…

My treasure is my book collection which keeps getting more and more precious with each passing day. At the moment I have some 100+ books at home and the collection keeps growing every time I visit a book store.

I am a diehard fan of Dan brown and Sidney Sheldon.  Fiction writing of different authors amazes me. Every time I read an engaging new fiction story, I feel spellbound by author’s imagination.

Whenever I read a book it transports me to another world. I know it might sound weird but I feel as if I am a part of a character in that book. Books kept me sane in my pregnancy and post-delivery blues days.

I wish to pass on my treasure to my daughter with a wish that she too will enjoy this breathtakingly beautiful, magical and mysterious world of books.

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‘I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words #6

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20 Comments on “My Treasure… which keeps getting better and better! #writebravely”

  1. Ohh books. Nothing can be more precious than this. I am total bibliophile and loved reading your posts. World’s best treasure is books.

  2. I have read all of Sidney Sheldons books, the last one he wrote which was epic! Also loved, sand of times!
    Spotted Jackie Collins too, read Hollywood Husbands by her till now!
    Truly a treasure!

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