Fat Fat Go Away..Please Try And Find Another Prey!!!


We are the best of friends, no one can separate us. We are together forever and ever………me and “my fat”. I am pretty sure anyone would start ignoring me one day if I try so many things just to stay away from them but not this damn “fat”.

Dear fat, there are few places in my body you could shift to and believe me I would not mind even a bit. But no, you will make sure to stick to places almost impossible to hide. I think fat is very much like “LOVE”…you do not realize when it starts and by the time you get to know about it you are deeply and madly in love, oh! Sorry “FAT”.

I know scientists around the world are pretty busy in inventing really important stuff, a humble request from my side would not hurt I guess. Please make plates which show the tires of fat on our body every time we indulge into utterly delicious food.

Fat is kind of my best buddy now, we care for each other. I am too caring to shed it and it is too caring to leave me even an inch from anywhere. I started a general motor diet (ask anyone on dieting they will let you know the saga of GM diet) and bought all sorts of fruits and veggies. Confused hubby looked at me “are you sure you are trying to get rid of your fat not our money right??”. I gave a stern look and thought you will see after 8 days huh. The third day of GM diet and I am dreaming about “pizza”. In short, my GM diet was off on the fourth day.

God hates me too. I am born in a family where people are overly conscious about their body. My mom still walks more than me and does not stop for a break while I run after her panting like a dog. Elder sister eats double the amount of food and still looks like she is going for beauty pageant with that body. Younger one sheds weight even before thinking, I mean one week of morning walk and she can slip into her 12th standard clothes… GOD WHY??? WHY ME!!!

Okay It might not all be a god, I have few confessions which might have added these Kilo Grams:

Confession 1#

I spent too much amount of time reading ideas on how and what kind of clothes will look good on me instead of really using that time to do something useful in regards to losing weight.

Confession 2#

I always find a reason for accumulated fat on my body, only genuine one was my pregnancy (though I ate too much that time as well “Mom’s logic of Ghee and Pregnancy, sigh!”

Confession 3#

To make myself feel better I always find people more on weight than me. hallelujah, I am thin..yeah I am that person. I am bad I know.

Enough of confessions, I know I should pay attention and really try to lose weight. I am gonna start working out just after I finish this “dry fruit Halwa” … Mommmmmmmmm why you do this??? why??? why you love me so much? Your love is adding more tires that I could hide under my clothes.

I am a very loving and caring person. Here is a proof: I am not a Punjabi but I love “Aloo Paratha”, I am not a Bengali but I love “Rasgulla”, not from any place in South India but love butter “Dosa”. Now you see, where is all the love is getting accumulated too.
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