Books Beautifully Replaced The “Chaos” I Missed…

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So many people around yet one feel lonely.

I read it in few places but never believed it. How can someone feel lonely amidst such hustle bustle in one of the busiest city in the country?

Moving to this city was my decision so when things didn’t work out, going back to the place where I came from was not an option (One thing which is more fragile than a human heart is a human EGO). Teenage, you see, an age when emotions and feelings don’t often make sense but we try to make everything looks oh-so-perfect.

The distance from office to home and home to office was almost an hour. I was never a fan of listening to songs through an earphone.

A quiet room, melodious song, and space to move with the song, is what I prefer.

That’s when I realized that I needed a companion who would make my journey a little less boring and help me cope up with this weird loneliness that I felt day in and day out.

Relationships are complex or mystifying (whatever suits your experience!) and teenage is the most confusing time when it comes to this. Trusting people easily and making a hasty decision is not that uncommon in that age.

I had my fair share of mistakes and hasty decision which lead me to believe that my selection process of finding a companion might be a tad bit faulty (pun intended). While looking for that human connection, I found the connection which has lasted more than my any relationship ever (the current one is counted too…#jealousyisimportant).

books, relationship

The only treasure that I hold dear to my heart in the materialistic things in my house, is my forever increasing collection of books. The reading never stops even when nothing else makes sense in life. It is one habit that I really want to inculcate in my little one too. I missed the everyday chaos of my parent’s house when I stayed in a room alone and it felt weird. We start missing the people, situation and places the most when they are not around. Strange, isn’t it?

Thinking about those times the only regret I have is that I should have expressed myself to the people who mattered to me instead of giving in to the ego of mine.

The next post of A2Zchallenge will open another chapter of my life. You can read my previous post on this challenge here.

Every relationship taught me a lesson and gave me beautiful memories to cherish.

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  1. I had a sense of dejavu! This was my experience too when I moved away from home. I missed home, yet I loved the independence. Books have been my constant companions ever since.

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